Nurturing Tomorrow’s Talent

Black Diamond Networks On-Site Internship Program


In 2024, Black Diamond Networks is embarking on an exciting journey with the expansion of its on-site internship program across three locations: Andover, MA; Phoenix, AZ; and Lincoln, RI. This initiative is not just about providing students with an opportunity; it is about investing in the company’s future.  Led by site managers Cam LeBlanc, Crystal Mikha, and Kyle Meyer, along with Talent Development Administrator Ashley LeBert, the program aims to foster the next generation of professionals in the Life Sciences, Engineering, and Technology industries. The program offers immersive training experiences and upon completion, the top performers will have the chance to transition into full-time roles, contributing to BDN’s ongoing success. 

The internship program features three sessions – spring, summer, and fall – catering to students’ schedules and preferences. During the summer session, interns delve into a full 40-hour workweek, immersing themselves in the day-to-day operations and challenges of the job. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience, equipping interns with the skills and knowledge needed to excel. 


Jared DeBruin emphasizes the program’s role in honing his time management skills and fostering a supportive environment. He says, “I started this internship back in June, since the Fall 2023 semester, I have been doing the internship while going to class and I really enjoy it. BDN has given me a reason to push through school, I have loved my time here so far and I look forward to coming into the office. Being able to come here full time is a goal of mine. This internship has helped me with time management – I have a set schedule on the days I go to campus for class and days I come into the office for work.” His older brother, Christian, is a recruiter which is why the opportunity has always sparked an interest in Jared. 


During Tyler Swift’s interview, he highlighted the invaluable real-world experience and collaborative atmosphere reminiscent of his college sales course. He says, “Last semester I got involved in a sales class, which is becoming very popular. I participated in a mandatory sales competition and as a result I did well, I placed in the semi-finals (top 40), so I was happy about that. During the competition, I met Cam Obuchowski, where this internship opportunity fired off from. Rolling it back, I was approached by the president of the sales team as well as Dr Stefanie Boyer, head of sales department and I have been happy ever since!” As a student at Bryant University, Tyler has enjoyed the flexibility that the program offers. He dedicates his weekday mornings at the BDN Lincoln, RI office and returns to campus for his afternoon classes. 


Caleb Tobon and Montana Schwinn share their journeys to BDN, citing mentors and personal interests as driving forces behind their involvement. Caleb mentioned, “I have been really impressed with how Black Diamond Networks runs everything. The group of students we have here is awesome. Every BDN staff member Crystal has brought on sight has been a valuable resource – from Megan Valentine, Mike Dagher, and Daniel Challoner, I was grateful to meet them. From day one training, I have felt motivated and see the rewarding income I can make at this company. Crystal Mikha, my site manager, has been a great mentor and even the rest of the team, I feel comfortable reaching out to any of you on teams or email if I have questions and need clarification.” Montana, a Pennsylvania native, came to Grand Canyon University with her elementary school best friend. She says, “I found Black Diamond Networks through career connections, which is like LinkedIn but just for GCU students. There are a lot of internship opportunities you can read about and apply for through career connections. I was looking for a challenge, with it being my senior spring semester, I knew I had some free time around my class schedule. The cold calling was an experience I was not going to shy away from, I think doing something that pushes you is always a valuable experience. I really enjoy doing it!” 


The inception of this program owes much to the vision of Ryan Mahan and the unwavering support of various teams within BDN, notably the IT and Business Systems departments. Their dedication has ensured that interns have access to the tools and resources necessary for success. 

BDN’s recruitment efforts extend far and wide, with a focus on engaging students from Grand Canyon University (GCU). While initially targeting GCU students, plans are underway to broaden the program’s reach in the coming years. Applications are accepted through the company website, and efforts to raise awareness include Handshake campaigns and campus visits by the BDN team. 


  • Interns praise BDN’s supportive culture, hands-on training, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 
  • The internship experience has challenged preconceptions and sparked newfound interests, particularly in fields like staffing and recruiting. 
  • Sales prospecting, initially daunting, has emerged as a rewarding skill set, highlighting the transformative power of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. 

As the BDN internship program unfolds, BDN remains committed to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and laying the groundwork for a bright future. Through hands-on experience, mentorship, and a supportive community, interns are poised to make meaningful contributions not only to BDN but to the industries they serve. Together, they embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and endless possibilities. If you are looking for an internship opportunity, we are hiring!