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At Black Diamond Networks (BDN), we look for competitive, hardworking sales professionals who thrive on creating opportunities. Whether they are recent college graduates or industry professionals, BDN employees are at the top of their game and share a common goal: the desire to win. They are leaders, self-starters, and go-getters who are ready to work hard, move fast, and earn an incredible living in the process.


From day one, BDN provides our employees with the training to excel in a fast-paced, exciting environment that offers near-limitless earning potential. In fact, the opportunity to earn life-changing compensation is the primary reason people join – and stay at – BDN.


“Black Diamond is made up of highly competitive, great people who challenge each other daily. I love the fast pace and the opportunity to make more money every day you walk through the door.”


If you have a strong desire to win, want to achieve work success, and aim to enjoy significant financial upside in your career, BDN might be the right fit for you.


“Being an athlete my whole life, I needed something with competition and this was right up my alley. Never thought I would love what I do and feel in some way, I’m back on the field or court. I have regained my competitive edge!”


Why Staffing? Why bdn?

You have many career options, so why choose staffing at BDN? The answer lies in the promise of life-changing compensation, unparalleled leadership, and limitless growth opportunities. We are not just offering jobs; we’re offering you a chance to bet on yourself, embrace risk, and chart your path to financial and professional prosperity. 


As a premier staffing agency, BDN specializes in recruiting and placing highly qualified consultants in the fields of life sciences, engineering, and technology. Our clients include some of the top global brands in their respective industries.


Our sales team rapidly deploys expert consultants to help our clients meet project deadlines and goals and address critical staffing needs.  


Think of it like “The Bachelor.” The Bachelor is our client, and our consultants are the people trying to find love. Our job is to help find the right match.

High Standards, high upside

Those who flourish at BDN are comfortable taking risks, respond well to feedback, and love working under pressure. If that sounds like you, the upside is enormous. 


Don’t get us wrong, BDN isn’t your average 9-to-5 sales job. We have high standards and a culture of continuous learning. If you’re not comfortable with the intensity of a demanding sales environment, this might not be the path for you. 


You’ll thrive if you’re an extrovert who wants to excel in your career and be around colleagues who want the same. Our high-energy, hard-working team supports each other, recognizes individual and team achievements, and makes time to have fun outside the office.


At BDN we are regularly treated to on-site lunches, off-site events, and lavish award trips. I love that BDN allows flexibility for us to be with our families, while also maintaining our professional goals. We have a good time working together between offices, building relationships, and creating a culture that makes you want to get into the office every day. The outcome is being rewarded with a very generous total compensation.” 


We’ve developed our three-month BDN Bootcamp for all new employees to ensure they have the platform to achieve exceptional results. You’ll work one-on-one with a manager who trains you on the job. They’ll sit with you, coach you through calls, and provide you with real-time feedback.


Black Diamond Networks welcomed me with open arms and trained me to be a successful salesperson from day one. Their three-month training program taught me everything I needed to know about the systems we use everyday and my manager was there for live coaching, weekly training, and continuous feedback on how to run my business better.”

“I have worked in sales for over 8 years and can honestly say that BDN has been the best office that I have ever had the privilege of working at. If you are trying to start your career in sales or if you are a sales veteran who is looking for a new place to call home, Black Diamond is a place that you should check out!” 


Industry-leading retention rates

While the ramp-up is steep, our commitment to continuous learning and abundant leadership  yield some of the highest retention rates in the industry. We rank in the top 1% of staffing firms for employee satisfaction. This means that when we hire sales staff, they tend to stick around. 


Why? Because our culture is competitive without being toxic, the staffing industry is full of opportunity, and we offer near-limitless earning potential. 


At BDN, self-awareness, hard work, and resilience create a dynamic workplace and a runway for success. We live for honest feedback and healthy competition – that’s how we learn and grow. This mentality benefits our colleagues, clients, and consultants.


BDN is made up of highly competitive, great people who challenge each other daily. I love the fast pace and the opportunity to make more money every day you walk through the door” 


Life-changing compensation

We set you up for financial and professional success at BDN. As the middleman – or matchmaker – between businesses and consultants, you receive an hourly rate for each hour the consultant is on the job. 


So what does that mean in practice? By their third year with BDN, our team members are usually earning between $217,000 to $270,000. And remember, with uncapped commission, the sky’s the limit.


Since my start here at BDN, I have grown in so many ways and I owe all my successes to this company. Sure, times get tough but after putting in my time, I have been able to buy a house, start a family, and provide a lifestyle I never would have imagined. Now I proudly manage a team and deliver guidance on ways for them to be successful. I trust this company and wouldn’t be where I am without their trust in me. I am right where I belong.” 


Apply now to become a future sales leader

As you set out in your sales career, why not bet on yourself? BDN brings the training. You bring the passion. 


Check out our employee spotlights on our blog to learn more about the kind of people who succeed at BDN.


If you’re ready to earn game-changing compensation as a sales professional with the best staffing firm in the industry, apply now.