Employee Spotlight: Megan Valentine

Life Science and Technology Recruiter

Meet the team at Black Diamond Networks. In these employee spotlights we would like to give you a glimpse into our teams and who drives our success!


Megan Valentine is a Life Science & Technology Technical Recruiter located in Black Diamond’s Phoenix, Arizona office. Megan joined our team in July of 2023.


Originally from the Jersey Shore, Megan is a graduate of the University of Arizona.


Megan is already on the “fast track” here at Black Diamond. During her training, she hit all her goals and successfully completed “Boot Camp” in two months instead of three. In addition to exceeded her goals, Megan was a “Boot Camp Diamond Elite” and “Boot Camp Bronze Elite” award recipient. 


Megan’s advice for future recruiters:

“Always learn from the calls that may not have gone the way you would like. It is crucial to understand what you can say or do differently next time that situation comes around. Plan and set goals for yourself to get things done. Saying “I will do this” instead of “hopefully I can” truly goes a long way and changes your mindset for the better.


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