What Makes Black Diamond Networks One of the Best Life Sciences and Engineering Staffing Agencies

How Black Diamond Networks Differs from Other General Staffing Agencies

For organizations in the life sciences and engineering fields, filling highly skilled technical roles can feel impossible, especially when the position needs to be filled quickly in order to meet project deadlines. Even the most well-meaning general staffing agencies can make things worse if they can’t deliver on time or don’t fully understand the technical skills you need for your project.

Luckily, there’s good news. There are staffing agencies, like Black Diamond Networks, that specialize in matching talent to companies in the life sciences and engineering fields. So, what makes us so different from other general staffing agencies? Here are three things that make Black Diamond Networks one of the best life sciences and engineering staffing agencies—and what makes our clients and talent want to keep working with us.

Black Diamond Understands Life Sciences and Engineering

Staffing agencies looking to fill positions in life sciences and engineering face unique challenges. On the one hand, companies often have requirements that can include very specific skills, certifications, training, and past project experience. In addition, tight project deadlines mean companies can’t afford to cycle through qualified matches. They need a staffing agency that can provide the right person the first time.

To make things more complicated, many life sciences and engineering professionals are motivated to advance their careers in a particular direction, which can involve developing their own skill sets and working within certain industries. From the perspective of the professionals, a recruiting match needs to help advance career goals. They need a staffing agency that can match them with the right projects at the right time.

In short, the recruiting stakes are higher in the life sciences and engineering industries, and a successful staffing agency needs to understand companies and professionals’ unique challenges and priorities. That’s what makes Black Diamond the top choice for recruitment in life sciences and engineering.

Black Diamond’s Recruiting Model Is Designed Around Life Sciences and Engineering

At Black Diamond, our hiring approach differs from our general staffing competitors. First, we predetermine the technical skills and experience profile of each professional. At the same time, we work with companies ahead of time to understand what kind of talent is needed (or could be needed) within the organization. We then build a pre-qualified talent network so that life science and engineering professionals are “pre-positioned” as early as possible.

Filling a skilled position in life sciences and engineering demands a high level of expertise and product understanding. By planning and preparing ahead of time, Black Diamond can respond quickly and efficiently to your clients’ needs.

Black Diamond Recruiters Specialize in Life Sciences and Engineering Talent

To effectively match up such highly in-demand talent, Black Diamond’s recruiters are assigned a specific functional area of expertise. Recruiters then build a talent portfolio around their areas, which allows them to focus on developing a deep understanding of their specific parts of the life science industry. It also helps our recruiters build strong relationships with talented professionals and understand everything they bring to the table. This enables Black Diamond to respond and match talent effectively and quickly.

In some cases, there’s only time to hire once. A less-than-ideal fit can negatively impact the client’s deadline, putting the company’s own contractual obligations and reputation at risk. With a success rate of over 90%, Black Diamond’s recruiters know how to get it right the first time.

Let Black Diamond Help You Fill Your Next Role

Organizations and professionals in life sciences and engineering need to work with a staffing agency that is as specialized as they are. Black Diamond’s unique approach to talent delivery is what makes us the go-to staffing agency for companies looking to fill ultra-urgent and business-critical roles. By working with us, we can help you quickly fill the position you need to get back to focusing on your own projects and clients.

The proof is in the numbers. Our client retention rate is over 80%, while our contractor attrition rate is under 10%. In other words, our clients love working with us over and over, and our life sciences and engineering professionals love getting matched by us.

Interested in learning more about how we can match you with the right talent or project in life sciences or engineering? Reach out to Black Diamond today!