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A biopharmaceutical company needed to update and expand its existing quality system as several of its drug candidates moved closer to commercial approval.
Help contractors and companies connect to share ideas and materials in an online event
Tips from Black Diamond Network for your virtual networking events to allow contractors and companies to connect and share ideas and materials from all over.
Challenges with Boston's Life Science Industry growth and tips for hiring.
Finding and hiring talented individuals is crucial to leading the growth of the Boston life sciences industry. Black Diamond Networks is here to help with insights about how to face this challenge.
Open contract positions tend to be urgent - follow these tips to better manage your time.
Do you find time management to be challenging? Our Black Diamond experts have experience helping contractors manage their time, expectations, resumes, and more.
Signs to look for when considering a new job
It can be difficult for contractors to know when to look for a new job. Let us help you time your job search accurately and maintain your reputation.
Best practices for independent contractor resumes with examples
Independent contractors in the engineering and life science industries have highly specialized skill sets that make them both sought-after and difficult to find.
A medtech company is on its way to EU MDR compliance thanks to a skilled team dedicated to its success. Learn more about how we partnered with our client to build their EU MDR program.
We are proud to say that in 2017 9 out of 10 of our contract professionals would recommend Black Diamond Networks to a friend or Colleague.
A world-renewned medical device company specializing in the development and manufacturing of a diverse range of cutting-edge cardiovascular device products
BDN Provides CDMO With the Resources to Fulfill Expanded Customer Requests
A contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in the development and manufacturing of complex API’s and drug product manufacturing
Our long-time charitable partner has adapted to the COVID-19 crisis but still needs help from the community.
Over the years, Black Diamond Networks has continued to partner with Lazarus House Ministries but they still need support from the community now more than ever