How Hockey Led Bob Keogh to Black Diamond Networks

Bob Keough, a Senior Account Executive with our Life Sciences & Technology team, joins Bernie Corbett on ‘Hockey on Campus’ 


Bob Keogh, a Senior Account Executive with our Life Sciences & Technology team, joins Bernie Corbett on his ‘Hockey on Campus’ radio program to discuss his hockey background and how it led him to Black Diamond Networks.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Bob Keogh, a former Malden Catholic and UNH club hockey player, credits much of the success he has achieved over his 5+ years working at Black Diamond Networks to the skills and attributes he gained as an athlete.

At Black Diamond Networks, there is a strong emphasis on the concept of acting as a team. Everyone has to be on the same page, with the same goal, and putting in the same effort in order to truly achieve success – and that applies to upper management as well. Bob explains that everyone from individual team managers to the CEOs are there to help you achieve success by promoting camaraderie among colleagues and acting as a resource in the same way that a hockey coach or captain might.

On an individual level, Bob equates recruiting to practicing – what you put into it is what you get out of it. In the same way that Bob spent many a day hitting the gym or working on stickhandling outside of practice, he attributes his professional success to putting in extra effort whenever he can. Whether it’s making ’20 extra phone calls a day’ or enhancing networking skills in his free time, he knows that the only way to ace something is to put in the work.

“Sometimes you find a company and sometimes they find you.” — Bennie Corbett

For Bob, he knew that BDN was going to be the perfect fit for his first post-college job. During his junior year at UNH, a Black Diamond recruiter reached out to him via LinkedIn expressing interest in his sports background and informing him that they would be on campus for a career fair soon. Bob instantly hit it off with the BDN employees he met at the career fair and made sure to stay in touch with his newfound connections which resulted in him landing a job three weeks after graduation. The rest is history.

So, what advice does Bob have for those who might be in the same position he was five years ago? Pick up the phone and talk to somebody on our talent acquisition team – the best way to grab the attention of a potential employer is to talk to them directly and explain why your background is the perfect fit for their needs.

Black Diamond Networks is one of the presenting sponsors for Hockey on Campus. The radio show hosted by longtime Boston University hockey play-by-play man Bernie Corbett features interviews with the best players, coaches and analysts in the nation.

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