The Talent Shortage Fallacy

How You Can Find the Best Tech Talent

The American workforce recently experienced a surge in early retirements, now called “The Great Resignation.” In the wake of this movement, companies across the nation are looking to fill the void these individuals left behind.

There is a growing misconception that there is currently a talent shortage and companies are unable to fill positions despite their best efforts to find a candidate. We are here to put that myth to rest. There are still great candidates out there who are qualified for technical roles in life sciences, engineering, and infotech. Our talented team of Black Diamond recruiters is eager to help you find them.

What Can You Do To Find Tech Talent

Set Clear Expectations

Due to the nature of their work, independent contractors typically know what to expect when it comes to the placement process. From the very beginning, they are looking for clear and well-defined expectations about the role and the type of skills needed to be successful. This information should be offered to them early in the process so they can quickly determine if this were an opportunity they would like to pursue. At Black Diamond, we are well versed in relaying the proper information to candidates about what they can expect during the interview and placement process.

Attractive Compensation Package

Established contractors with marketable skills know their worth and want to be employed at companies that value the expertise they bring to the table. For many, this means being offered an attractive compensation package. Contractors understand that they typically will not be afforded the same benefits granted to permanent employees, however, what a company lacks in benefits, they can make up for with a substantial monetary compensation package.

Flexible Work Schedule

Across the board, the demand for flexible work schedules and remote options continues to be an attractive benefit to contract employees. Remote options allow them to operate on schedules that work for them while still prioritizing and maintaining project deadlines. Companies that offer contactors remote options will typically see an increased interest in roles.

New Technology

Contractors are looking for stimulating work opportunities that allow them to utilize and grow their skillset. Companies that regularly adopt new technology and software can be an attractive perk for candidates looking to continually improve their marketability.

How Black Diamond Can Help You Acquire Top Tech Talent

Our talented team of Account Executives works diligently every day to maintain positive relationships with both our clients looking to fill technical roles and our growing list of contractors who are actively looking for career opportunities in life sciences, engineering, and infotech. We are well versed in relaying the proper information to candidates about what they can expect during the application and interview process.

Black Diamond recruiters are actively in touch with their network to match ideal candidates to the company that works for them, and vice versa. In an effort to save your hiring managers’ time, candidates are screened before presenting them to you.

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