Greg Quercia Is Featured on ‘Hockey on Campus’ With Bernie Corbett

VP of BDN Discusses How Athleticism Can Translate Into Success in Staffing.

Greg Quercia, Owner & Vice President of Black Diamond Networks, joined Bernie Corbett on his ‘Hockey on Campus’ radio program to discuss BDN’s transformation over the last couple decades and how a focus on athleticism has specifically contributed to the success of the company. Click here to listen to the clip.
Greg and Bernie, who both have strong ties to the Boston University hockey program, reminisced on how being involved in sports and surrounded by athletic acquaintances was part of the reason Greg got into this industry to begin with. He recalls seeing a similar pattern in many of the young people he went on to hire for BDN; having a competitive spirit and drive translates into a successful career in staffing.
Greg explains how being an athlete requires dedication, commitment, drive, a coachable attitude, and most importantly the ability to work on a team. At BDN, our success is based on the seamless collaboration of many different departments including sales, recruiting, and support teams. As you’ll hear Greg say at the end of this clip, “it’s critical that you be a good teammate” in order to achieve success working at this company.
Black Diamond Networks is one of the presenting sponsors for Hockey on Campus. The radio show hosted by longtime Boston University hockey play-by-play man Bernie Corbett features interviews with the best players, coaches and analysts in the nation.


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