4 Crucial Time Management Tips for Contractors Seeking Jobs

Open contract positions tend to be urgent - follow these tips to better manage your time.
Time management is essential for contractors because open contract positions tend to be urgent. Whether you are currently working and looking for your next assignment or between jobs and ready to jump on a new opportunity, here are some time management tips that may help.

1. Be patient

If you are between contract positions, we know the pressure you may be feeling to find your next project. We want to get you a job as much as you want to find one! Hiring managers are often extremely busy, so it may take them a while to get back to our team. Please be patient with your Black Diamond recruiter: you will hear from us as soon as we have any information to give you. You may be starting to look for a new position while finishing up an existing project. It’s necessary to be patient here as well so you can finish the job right while still making time for interviews. We want to help you maintain a good reputation, so we’ll keep in touch to make sure you’re able to balance interviewing for a new job while fulfilling your ongoing job’s responsibilities. Our team can often place qualified candidates within a few days, which means you would start a new position within a few weeks. The reason for this start date delay is usually paperwork on the client company’s side. We will do our best to place you as soon as possible.

2. Be honest

Providing your recruiter with as much information as possible helps everyone involved. If you are transparent and honest about your rate, schedule, priorities, skills, and more, your recruiter will be better equipped to help you find the right job.
  • Let your recruiter know what you’re looking for and if you’re already looking. For example, do you value culture fit or higher pay? Are you looking for a specific experience or a big-name company? Is there a position you’re already interviewing for or interested in?
  • Make sure your resume is authentic and accurate. Your recruiter will help you format your resume and highlight key skills and work experience to make you stand out, but this only helps if the information you provide represents you correctly.
  • Be honest about your schedule. If you can’t take calls during the day or if you can’t start until a specific date, your recruiter needs to know! This will help us as we schedule your interviews and find placements for you.
Any information you can provide your recruiter is helpful, even minor details. If you’re wondering whether or not to share something, we recommend you go ahead and share it! We want to manage realistic expectations on all sides to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

3. Be responsive

As we mentioned, contract positions are typically very urgent. Availability for open positions can change in as little as an hour. Your recruiter will be as proactive as possible on your behalf to send you job openings you may be interested in, but in return, it’s helpful if you can be responsive so we can send your resume as soon as possible. The great thing about Black Diamond Networks is that we help you do a great deal of the leg work that comes with applying for contract positions. It would be difficult to get hired for most of the roles we fill without being referred by a staffing agency. Your recruiter will work hard to show off your skills, explain why you would be a good match for a job at a client company, schedule your interviews, and prepare you to speak with the company. You just need to be responsive!

4. Be available

Recruiters typically want contractors to be flexible and available for many reasons:
  • To run through job opportunities together
  • To set up interviews
  • To update your resume
  • To review your priorities
  • To start a new position promptly after your prior contract ends
  • Much, much more!
It also helps us know if you are interviewing for other jobs that are not coordinated through your recruiter. Knowing your schedule and being able to contact you as needed will help Black Diamond match you to your next opportunity successfully. Not to mention, if you are constantly unavailable, it makes it difficult for us to establish your reputation as a reliable contractor. These days, being available also applies to digital availability. That means keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, being reachable over email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or whatever other communication platforms you are using, and more. Do you find time management to be challenging? Let us know! Our Black Diamond experts have experience helping contractors manage their time, expectations, resumes, and much more. Contact Black Diamond Networks today

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