Work Hard. Grow Together.

With two new locations - Lincoln, Rhode Island and Austin, Texas - and more planned, Black Diamond sees a bright future in 2023.

Unprecedented growth is a hallmark of Black Diamond Networks. The Andover, Massachusetts-based contract staffing firm plans to triple in size in 2023, with new offices now open in Lincoln, Rhode Island and Austin, Texas, and an office expansion at its Phoenix, Arizona location.

“We are thriving in a challenging economic time,” said Bret Cerasoli, president of Black Diamond. “And that really is a testament to our employees who diligently work with our contractors and clients, matching skilled individuals in critical roles across the country.”

Expanding Services: Laboratories, Secret Clearances, & Large-Scale Projects

In addition to opening new offices, Black Diamond expanded its work in Secret and Top Secret defense-related positions. It also added Laboratory Services to its Life Sciences division and grew its Project Solutions business unit.

“Working at the cross-section of engineering, life sciences, and technology during a global pandemic made us keenly aware of the importance of the work we do, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” reflected Cerasoli. “With more members of our team in place, we are better able to support our clients’ contract staffing needs, as well as partnering with them on large-scale projects.”

Challenging Work. Life-changing Rewards.

A staffing industry veteran, Cerasoli knows what it takes to make it in this industry. He also sees what sets Black Diamond apart – while the work is challenging, the team is supportive, and the rewards are life changing.

Cerasoli is one example of life-changing success: once a recruiter at the company, Cerasoli is closing in on his first year as Black Diamond’s president. Ryan Mahan, now the Director of Talent Acquisition, was once an intern with the organization. Staffing industry veterans have moved into leadership roles, guiding the next generation of young talent. New leaders are building teams and running offices, and so on.

“It is very important for us to show our team the future they can have within a growing and supportive organization. We don’t pretend the work is easy. We support them, give them the tools they need to succeed, and see where we can go next – together. We are continually blown away by the dedication and ingenuity of our team. It’s how we got to where we are today.”

Cerasoli says he has been proud to see so many Black Diamond employees grow within the organization and realize the “American Dream” of financial security: providing for their family, buying a house, giving back to the community. And with this stage of the company’s growth, he is looking forward to helping the next group of employees realize these dreams as well.

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