Creating Client Success: A Spotlight on the BDN Recruitment and Qualification Process

Companies turn to recruiting firms, like BDN, when they need to augment their existing staff or bring on niche technical resources that have skills that may be hard to find, even in major metropolitan areas. As such, a major consideration to make before interfacing with a staffing firm is, how skilled is the talent in their network?

The quality of a recruitment firm’s network is largely dictated by how robust their qualification process is, and no two staffing firms are alike when it comes to the way they source their talent. While the process for every firm is different, these differences can have major effects when it comes it comes to client satisfaction and the end goal of a successful placement. A solid qualification process ensures that only the best talent makes it in, and when you choose to work with a staffing firm, you want to ensure they have the best talent for your open position.

Since our founding, we’ve worked hard to create a sourcing process that ensures only top-tier consultants make the cut. Here’s how the BDN process works and how it creates lasting success for our clients.

Our Process

In our technologically driven world, there are more ways than ever for firms to find potential contract candidates. Black Diamond Networks sources its talent through a wide variety of means including direct recruitment, consultant referrals, client referrals, search engines, and online job boards. While we take candidates from a variety of sources, we choose to put special emphasis on consultants sourced through direct recruitment efforts or from referrals from contractors already working with us. While this emphasis means that the majority of our candidates come from a known source, that’s just the beginning of our qualification process.

Initial CV Review

When we find a potential consulting candidate, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough review of their CV. In addition to checking to ensure that a candidate has skills that fall in one of our core markets served, we also review the CV for lapses in employment, errors, omitted information, qualifications, and experience. This CV review serves to give our recruiters a general feel for a candidate’s employment history and whether they’d be a good fit for working with BDN.

In-Depth Interview

If our recruiter determines that a consultant has the skills and disposition to work with us, they then get to work conducting a detailed interview with the prospect to learn even more about their background and what they’re looking for in potential consulting positions. This interview typically covers a candidate’s relevant job history, experience, and details about past consulting experiences.

During the interview process, our recruiters also work to gather information regarding the individual’s employment terms, rate requirements, geographic preferences, and availability for contract work. Should the consultant be added to the BDN talent network, this information will be used to find an optimal match with one of our open positions.

Reference Checks

The final step in our qualification process that must be completed before someone can become a BDN contractor is a comprehensive reference check. For a consultant to be admitted they must furnish three professional references, two of which have to come from a direct supervisor. When we conduct reference checks, we ask the referrers questions that qualify both a potential candidate’s technical acumen and interpersonal skills. The answers given are then coupled with the answers from the CV review and in-depth interview to compile a complete picture of the potential candidate. Then a designation will be made as to whether the individual will be accepted into the BDN network. For newer BDN employees, one of our dedicated recruiting supervisors is required to review the available information before a consultant is added to our network. If a consultant receives approval, the information gathered during the qualification process is used to determine which of our open positions matches the individual’s profile for contract work.

A Better Qualification Process Means More Satisfied Clients

Black Diamond Networks’ commitment to quality starts with our recruiting process. Unlike some firms, we take the time to gain a detailed understanding of our consultants and what they’re looking for in contract work. Using this information effectively allows us to take our client’s staffing requirements and quickly match them to one of our consultants who is currently looking for work. This dedication to the recruitment process means our consultants know what to expect from contract work and the BDN process before they get to your facility. By thoroughly vetting our candidates and understanding their needs we minimize the chance of unforeseen issues arising during an assignment and work to ensure that every one of our assignments is a success.

If you’re a hiring manager looking for a change of pace when it comes to hiring consultant talent, Black Diamond Networks is waiting to hear from you. Our talent network has over 5,000 pre-screened consultants ready to hit the ground running with your company. For a headache-free hiring process, give us a call at 1.800.681.4734 or visit us at

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