Our Guiding Values and How They Create Client Success

The vast majority of the corporations operating in the United States have a set of guiding principles that lay down the way the firm will interact with their customers, suppliers, and community stakeholders. At Black Diamond Networks, our mission from the beginning has been to ensure that we meet the needs of both our clients and contractors. What are our core values and how do they benefit the companies we work with? Read on to find out.


We only staff experienced technical professionals, many of whom have highly-specific skillsets and operate in highly-specialized industries. Simply put, a successful staffing firm must have a deep understanding of the industry in which they work. Our technical recruiters and account executives are subject-matter experts who understand the needs of the industries they serve. By taking the time to learn intricacies of your company’s niche, our account executives are able to ensure your firm hires the perfect consultant, the first time, every time.

In our nearly 20 years, we have taken the time to build relationships with thousands of the best technical professionals across the Life Sciences, Engineering, and Information Technology industries. Since we serve fewer markets than many larger staffing firms, we have the time to focus on specific niches, so we’re positioned to deliver where others may not.


We serve highly-technical needs, and we know that technology moves at a breakneck pace. We understand that many contracting needs are only realized when time has become of the essence and additional staff was needed on-site yesterday.

That’s why we designed our staffing processes to be proactive. Our account executives take the time to learn the specifics of your business, the technical professionals you hire, and the skillsets you typically look for. This allows Black Diamond Networks to be ready to meet your consulting needs before you’ve realized you need to hire a contractor. Our contractors are pre-screened and ready to work where and when they are needed.


Knowledge and speed are worthless if a company wavers in its determination to meet the needs of their clients. Many larger staffing companies take listings from thousands of companies knowing that they only need to fill a certain percentage to meet their organizational goals. As a smaller staffing firm, each of our clients is important to us and we work hard to find your firm the perfect match.


A company’s core values don’t mean all that much if they’re incapable of completing the job they’ve been given. Executing on our job means doing whatever it takes to find consults who meet the experience, skill, and budgetary requirements of our clients.

Since our inception in 1999, we’ve built our business through our ability to meet the specific needs of our clients. In fact, referrals from satisfied clients are one of our biggest sources of new business for Black Diamond Networks.


As someone responsible for hiring, you probably prefer working with business partners who you feel like you can trust. A trusted staffing partner will be able to remove the headaches and anxiety from the process of hiring a contract employee. For many of our clients, this trust means they can feel comfortable giving us the details of their need and letting our technical recruiters get to work.

Additionally, we know your time is valuable and we work to make sure you’re only presented with consultants who meet the requirements of your open job. Choosing to work with Black Diamond Networks means you save the time of having to interview candidates may not actually be a match for the job. Through our commitment to sourcing the best technical talent we’ve assembled a national pool of contractors who have the specific talent needed to fill positions that require hard-to-find skills.

Do our values align with your goals?

If you’ve grown tired of dealing with the larger staffing organizations who overpromise and underdeliver, it’s time to give Black Diamond Networks a shot. We’re a small niche contract staffing company that understands what our clients need and how to deliver the right consultant on time and on budget.

To get started today, simply visit blackdiamondnet.com/find-talent or drop us a line at 1.800.681.4734.

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