Why Do Top Companies and the Best Technical Talent Choose BDN?

Our clients and contractors share their thoughts

Here at BDN, we prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and contractors above all else. We know that our client and contractor partners choose to work with us because we’re a relationship-driven company where successful assignments are our goal. Part of our continued commitment to satisfaction involves sending our client managers and contractors periodic surveys to gauge their overall satisfaction and to ensure any issues that arise are handled efficiently. While we love getting feedback about how we can improve our services, we also love to see and share the great quotes that we receive about the service we provide. While we could continue on about the quality of our services, we thought we’d let our clients and contractors share their feedback.

From our clients:

Responsiveness, Communication, and Quality Candidates

A solid technical staffing partner should be ready and able to meet a client’s needs at a moments notice. Black Diamond Networks works with our client partners to truly understand the scope of their projects and provide technical talent that meets their exact specification when it comes to skills and experience. Throughout the hiring process, we make contact with hiring managers to present candidates, receive feedback, and ensure an ideal match is made. Unlike some staffing firms, working with Black Diamond means you’ll only be presented with quality candidates, not a stack of CVs.

“Sydney B. was great to work with. She was very responsive to all communications and followed up with a few items that I hadn’t thought about. She provided resumes quickly with great choices in candidates and the experience we needed.”

—Diane, Diagnostic Medical Devices

“Brecken M.’s communication style and his responsiveness sets BDN apart in the industry in terms of service.”

—Andrea, Medical Equipment Manufacturer


“I believe my relationship with Ben P. has been extremely helpful and useful to me in selecting all sorts of help for my department. His approach sold me on BDN as a primary resource for myself.”

—Mario, Orthopedic Device Manufacturer

“Jordan L. was quick to provide multiple quality candidates to meet the project needs.”

— Lam, Medical Device Manufacturer

“Ahmi C. has been very responsive and understanding as we have to address several issues during the candidate selection.”

— David, Communications System Developer


From our contractors:

Helpful, Efficient, and a Great Partner

For our contractors, working with Black Diamond Networks means you’re supported every step of the way. Our recruiters take the time to get to know potential candidates to get an in-depth understanding of their unique backgrounds, skills, and work experience. This understanding means you’ll only be presented to roles for which you’re uniquely qualified. Once you’re on a contract with us, we continue to support you with regular check-ins from your recruiter and members of our contractor services team to make sure everything is running smoothly with your assignment. Contracting with BDN means you can focus on the job at hand, not logistics.

“I’m impressed with Black Diamond, everyone I came in contact with went above and beyond for me at any given time – professional, expeditious with any issue, question or concern I had. Mike C. – my favorite recruiter, I can’t say enough about this guy, just the best in the industry! Alex T. – great and very involved Account Manager – easy to get a hold of, often present onsite with the client and held team outings where there was relationship building and personalized touches for each team member. Ashley F. intermittently checked in with me regarding evaluations and setting me up with nice business cards, she was always so helpful. Kristi H. was a great aid when it came to my benefits and 401K contributions. Overall, I felt very supported by BD while on assignment and when you’d rather be home and working locally it makes the project operate more efficiently and more likely have positive outcomes for the client and the contractor :)”

— Michelle, Quality Engineer


“The Black Diamond team is very efficient and helpful. I enjoyed working with Black Diamond very much.”

— Susan, Validation Engineer


“I had a great time working with Black Diamond Networks and look forward to working with them in the future after my deployment.”

— Brian, Production Engineer


“Black Diamond Networks is a leader in the contract services industry.”

— Doug, Validation Engineer


“Excellent support for the assignment.”

— Richard, Validation Engineer


Ready to experience the Diamond Difference for yourself?

Black Diamond Networks prides itself on being the go-to resource for technical staffing services. Our clients and contractors come back to BDN because they know that we’re the experts in technical staffing. Whether you’re a contractor who hasn’t worked with BDN yet or a hiring manager who hasn’t experienced headache-free staffing solutions, we’d love to show you the difference that partnering with BDN entails.

For prospective contractors, please visit www.blackdiamondnet.com/jobs

For hiring managers looking for the best in technical staffing solutions, visit www.blackdiamondnet.com/find-talent


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