How We Set Up Our Team for Success at Black Diamond

Giving Our Team What They Need to Meet Their Personal and Professional Goals

Successful teams are made up of more than the right group of people at the right moment in time. They’re made of energized, engaged people who share a common vision and have the support they need to develop and expand their skills.

Organizational behavior researchers have been exploring team dynamics for more than four decades. Through their research, we’ve learned just how important the environment is for building effective teams. Just as a plant relies on water and sunlight to grow, team members need a goal they care about reaching, systems that allow them to work, and the support they need to do their jobs.

In a competitive talent pool, giving employees opportunities to thrive and grow is even more important. They’ll leave if the work isn’t interesting or challenging, and they’ll stay when they find a place where they feel confident and competent. That’s why, at Black Diamond Networks, we’ve made it a priority to give our people what they need to meet their personal and professional goals.

Setting the Culture

The secret to our success starts at the front door. We’ve created a culture where team members have the freedom to work collaboratively or independently, as needed.

Our team embodies the “work hard, play hard” spirit during the work day, filling the time with playful banter and focused time to tackle important tasks. It’s a place that makes technical recruiter Zoe Driscoll-Sbar feel “excited to come to work.” The competitive yet supportive environment gives everyone the space and support they need to meet goals.

Training Is an Ongoing Process

All new hires at Black Diamond Networks start their careers with a thorough onboarding process. This includes a three-month boot camp program where they get the materials and knowledge they need for a job well done. Our trainers don’t simply pass out papers and review a pre-recorded presentation. They do what it takes to ensure everyone can apply what they learn on the job.

We don’t stop there. We also encourage mentoring and coaching. “There’s a lot of exceptional people to help you grow,” notes account executive Dario Riparo. It may be a fast-paced environment, but “we enjoy each other’s company,” quips president and CEO, Bret Cerasoli.

Drawing up the dynamics that make sports teams successful, we seek out opportunities to develop a strong sense of trust between team members. Team building is an ongoing process both inside and outside the office. As a bonus, the earning potential is solid, and everyone benefits from growth opportunities within the job market and the company.

Satisfied Employees Stay

There’s room to grow, and the results speak for themselves. We’re thrilled to be a part of our team member’s professional journeys. Lead recruiter Alex Magoon went from helping his father frame houses to establishing a growing clinical team during his five years with the company. Ryan Mahan, the director of talent acquisition, started with Black Diamond Networks as an intern. Even our CEO and president, Bret Cerasoli, began his BDN career as a recruiter before working his way up to the top spot.

If the team is only as strong as its weakest member, our priority is supporting and building that member to create a better and stronger team. When senior manager Sami Samali says, “I see myself working here forever,” we know we’re doing something right. Discover for yourself what makes Black Diamond Networks different and explore available positions.