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Speed Up Your Job Search With Black Diamond Networks

Finding an open position can be challenging even when you have in-demand software skills and industry experience. The market for specialized knowledge, such as the knowledge of a biotech software engineer, can be small and sometimes hard to access. Things are pretty much the same if you want to work a temporary role as a contractor. Trolling job boards and firing off applications for contract or temp positions you find on a job-hunting site can be time-consuming and not always productive. So, working with Black Diamond Networks is a good strategy for speeding up your job search, whether you are currently employed or not. Rely on us instead of going it alone.

Don’t Search for Opportunities Alone

If you want to be a contractor or consultant in biotech software engineering or related fields, assignments may be hard to find. It will be easier if you are plugged into a network of entrepreneurs, program managers, talent acquisition professionals, and engineers. But you still have to do lots of networking. You may also be spending lots of time on job boards.

The situation isn’t much better if you want a temp-to-perm role or an opportunity to jump right into a full-time, permanent position. It takes a few weeks to about six months to find a new opening, according to the experts at Skillcrush. It will be easier to find a placement by working with a staffing agency to find a job at an established company.

Anything that speeds up the job search helps you financially. If you are unemployed and can expect $1,500 a week or so at a job, that’s how much each week of unemployment costs. If you want to get a better salary from another company, reducing the time to an offer helps boost your annual salary.

Why Should Someone Work With BDN?

There are two good reasons for working with Black Diamond Network if you want a biotech engineering role. Firstly, people with specialized skills and industry experience should look to a staffing agency with deep industry experience and connections. For example, if you are looking for specialized consulting work in a regulated industry, like banking, you can save time and trouble by turning to a staffing agency that specializes in those roles. Biotech software engineering and associated roles should be thought of in the same way. You want to go through an agency with experience in staffing biotech software engineer roles and related jobs.

The second main reason to work with BDN is that you will not be placed somewhere and left alone. If you are new to contracting/consulting or working with a staffing agency, know that some offer more support than others. Of course, BDN will track your time and make sure you get paid. We also provide a variety of support services during your engagements:

• Hotel discounts
• Business cards
• Contractor appreciation events
• Benefits support

You should also know that BDN conducts services of their contractors regarding their experience with clients. We use that information to improve the experience for you.

What Types of Jobs Does BDN Have Experience With?

The team at Black Diamond Networks has deep experience with technology, software engineering, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industry work. We offer project management and staffing augmentation to companies in those industries and others. Our listings include short-term consulting gigs, long-term engagements (one year or more), and even some direct-hire roles.

We have placements available for trained biotech software engineers, developers, and computer system validators who are near the beginning of their technical careers. But we also have plenty of opportunities for technical experts with several years of experience. These opportunities also tend to be with established names in the biotech and pharma industries.

What Types of Companies Does BDN Work With?

Our clients tend to be large technology, biomedical, and pharmaceutical firms or their divisions. This can be a good situation for you as a contractor because you are going into a situation where work processes, management, and culture are more refined and predictable.

Who have we provided contractors for? In the biological sciences and pharmaceutical industries, you may have heard of some of them. For example, our clients have included Lonza Bioscience, a multinational corporation with pharma, biotech, and nutrition products. Biogen is another relatively big name. They are a multinational biotech company working on curing a range of diseases. Moderna, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, that focuses on RNA therapeutics. Vertex, a global biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and development of breakthrough small-molecule drugs for serious diseases.

About BDN

As a specialized staffing agency with a nationwide reach, BDN has access to a wide range of software engineering jobs in biotech and pharmaceutical companies where your software engineering and testing skills are in demand. You will find opportunities around the nation, including in the SF Bay area, Greater Boston, Phoenix, and Metro NYC. Of course, there are plenty of openings for engineering and software jobs in other parts of the United States and occasionally in Canada.

Black Diamond Networks offers opportunities in technology, medical, biotechnology, and other fields to those looking for contract work or a direct-hire opportunity. We pride ourselves on offering corporate clients easy access to talented, experienced software engineers, testers, and coders. If that sounds like you, we invite you to check out our job listings and submit your resume.