What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

Roles & Responsibilities

Technical recruiter jobs are interesting because recruiters meet different and talented people during their careers. Using technical and communication skills, they help job candidates find work through various means, such as referrals. They ensure companies have the workers to fill hiring needs. A technical recruiter job plays a crucial role in a company’s growth.

What Is a Technical Recruiter?

Other names for technical recruiters are recruiter, recruitment specialist, or human resources specialist. Technical recruiters find candidates for technical jobs, such as those in information technology, sciences, and engineering. They often refer candidates to companies. Recruiters help find work for and refer hiring of network architects, product managers, and QA specialists. They help find work for software engineers, data analysts, mechanical engineers, and technical writers. Recruiters work in many sectors, such as engineering and information technology.

What Do Technical Recruiters Do?

A technical recruiter manages several responsibilities. Their main role is to help companies recruit technical employees. Within this description, they have various functions. They have roles in creating recruiting strategies, writing job descriptions, and searching for candidates. Technical recruiters assess candidates, interview them, and coordinate with other company departments. Their responsibilities include:

Recruiting Strategies

The first step in hiring candidates is creating recruiting strategies. A recruitment strategy is a plan to hire qualified employees. Good recruitment strategies help ensure companies use fair hiring practices. Recruiters review to see what has worked and to identify recruitment or referral needs. The recruiter can help determine the best places to find potential candidates. This process helps to set a time frame, make budgets, create processes for recruitment, and begin recruiting.

Job Description Creation

Technical recruiters sometimes help with job description creation. They help determine the needs for a new position and define the goals of the position. Understanding how the job supports the company’s mission is necessary for creating a job title. With this, a technical recruiter writes the job description to the company’s specifications. An effective job description helps the technical recruiter find a candidate who fits a business’s needs.


The search process involves looking for candidates. Job boards and other online sites, such as social media, are useful tools for recruiters. A digital presence is important to reach as many candidates as possible for assessment. Other places recruiters use are job fairs and university career days. Recruiters source candidates from different methods, including consultant and client referrals and direct recruitment. Networking events and professional networking online forums are other areas where recruiters find candidates and referrals.

Assessing Candidates

Technical recruiters assess applicants as part of this process before interviewing, using criteria they coordinate with the recruiting company. Pre-screening with phone and email interviews allows the recruiter to match candidates to job descriptions. A technical recruiter’s role is to interview candidates, assess their suitability, and recommend them to businesses.

Recruiters in Recruiting Agencies

Technical recruiters who work for recruiting agencies are often liaisons for their contractors. They follow up with any problems contractors have with the placements, answering questions as a bridge between the contracting companies and the contractor.

Recruiter Daily Responsibilities

The daily responsibilities of a technical recruiter vary, but some duties are:

Communicating About Future and Current Job Openings

Hiring is not a stagnant process. Technical recruiters should keep up with what their clients need. To do so, technical recruiters should communicate frequently with the businesses they have as clients.

Clarifying About Technical Requirements

Technical recruiters should know different technical areas, such as IT and other technical areas, to better represent the businesses they have as clients. They should be capable of screening resumes based on specialized skills.

Forecasting Recruitment Budgets and Outlooks

Technical recruiters have roles in forecasting recruitment budget outlooks. They help analyze cost results and add additional money for unplanned expenses while considering key performance indicators.

Technical Recruiter Skills and Qualifications

Technical recruiters require many skills. They must know how to use software programs, communicate with people effectively, and research. For software skills, they should have a broad knowledge of software, hardware, and computer languages. They use applicant tracking systems, word processing, and time management software. Using customer service skills, they communicate with candidates and businesses. To communicate with all business stakeholders, such as candidates and business management, they are often called upon to convey technical language in non-technical terms.

Technical Recruiter Soft Skills

Recruiters need research skills to check candidate backgrounds to make sure potential workers are legally available for hire. Personal qualifications are good time management, a work ethic, and empathy. For interviewing, they should show active listening, patience, relationship building, confidence, and friendliness.

Technical Recruiter Salary Expectations

The average yearly salary for a technical recruiter is $62,290, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Technical recruiter compensation varies according to seniority. Compensation and benefits for a senior technical recruiter are usually at a higher rate than for junior technical recruiters. The size of the business or organization will also determine technical recruiter salary rates.

Technical Recruiter Education and Experience Requirements

A technical recruiter should have at least a bachelor’s degree. The core education of technical recruiters should be in human resources management or information technologies. Relevant skills for technical recruiters to learn are interview formats such as phone calls, video, and in-person communication. Technical recruiters often begin their careers in general recruiting work, gradually specializing in specific industries. Technical recruiters continue their education after hiring with seminars, recruiter associations, and online education.

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