COVID-19: Finding the missing expertise

“I’m just trying to do my part in this war against the coronavirus, helping the people who really need ventilators to save their lives.”

This note from one of our consultants reminded us about what we’re all trying to do – make a difference during a time when many of us feel helpless and powerless in the fight against a global pandemic. For some of us, our role is to stay at home and practice social distancing guidelines. For others, it’s to oversee the design and manufacture of ventilators, to ramp up the production of face masks, or develop and test the vaccines that will protect us in the future.

“It’s given me a renewed focus,” said Rob Berlan, Director of Strategic Development at Black Diamond Networks. “We’re supporting an industry that’s critical in finding the long and short term answers in fighting this.”

Black Diamond Networks’ role at this complicated time is to find the missing expertise clients need in their response to COVID-19. For medical device companies working on respirators we’re placing manufacturing engineers and quality specialists. While drug manufacturers are fast tracking drugs through emergency use authorizations, they require skilled contractors to scale operations and properly test the efficacy, safety, and quality of their products before commercial launch.

“As we’re helping our clients, our contractors are also reaching out to us, saying, ‘I’m finishing up this one assignment, where can I help?’ It’s encouraging because they have the skills that can make a difference in the current situation, and they are staying positive.”

Significant change has happened in just a matter of weeks. Companies of every size turned office-based employees into a remote workforce, navigating the challenges that came with getting resources, equipment, and access. As work continues, organizations are also taking a hard look at what gaps or challenges the crisis uncovered and are taking the steps to identify and address these situations.

“This crisis has exposed severe gaps in supply chains across industries,” explained Berlan. “New life science companies with promising treatments and technology now have funding they didn’t have before. And companies have existing resources being stretched too thin. We have a sense of urgency and responsibility to help our clients solve these problems.”

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