3 Ways to Expand Your Candidate Pipeline

The pandemic has, in many ways, helped boost interest and investment in biotechnology and life science companies. However, companies are now facing a significant new challenge: finding qualified candidates to fill the rapidly growing list of open positions.

It is becoming more difficult than ever to hire people. These three tips can help you expand your candidate pipeline and find the right contractors for your company.

Accommodate the needs of top candidates in the pipeline

Many people have used the pandemic to develop comfortable, flexible routines to help them manage their time more efficiently and maximize their productivity throughout the day. Now, workers are less willing to compromise on remote work and more willing to wait for a project that will accommodate their needs and preferences.

Companies that prefer on-site employees are facing heavy competition from businesses offering fully remote work and flexible schedules. It is becoming increasingly necessary to consider remote options to expand your candidate pipeline and win the best talent for your team.

Of course, not every job can be done remotely or offer flexible or part-time hours. It’s essential to provide other accommodations for those types of positions. For example, offering great hourly rates and benefits demonstrates that you value your employees.

Also, if workers need to be on-site, parking availability and an accessible location can help make the commute easier. To expand your candidate pipeline even further, consider offering to pay expenses for on-site consultants coming from out of state.

Be flexible to access more of the candidate pipeline

It can be tempting to imagine a perfect candidate who matches your specific needs down to the last exact detail. In reality, no candidate can be completely perfect, and no resume can ever fully represent the scope of someone’s experience and qualifications. Keeping an open mind and being flexible will help you find the right person for your position.

For example, imagine your Black Diamond account executive has sent a write-up explaining how a potential candidate has the right experience to be a good fit, even if their resume isn’t an exact match for your job description. Rather than rejecting the resume because it isn’t perfect, consider opening a conversation to explore the fit further.

In some cases, you may find that a candidate is very promising and an excellent match for your company, but not for your position. Instead of turning the candidate down, think outside the box: you may be able to place them elsewhere in your company instead! That way, you won’t miss out on a qualified contractor as you continue your search.

Trust the recruiter’s candidate matching process

Here at Black Diamond Networks, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients. We take the time to find qualified contractors with a great track record for you, especially when it comes to proving they can get the job done remotely.

As part of this process, we make sure to set aside time with our clients’ hiring managers to review candidate resumes and ensure that they align with your needs. Quality control is important to us, so if there’s ever a mismatch between your expectations and our proposed candidates, or if a contractor is not qualified, we take immediate action to improve our process and pipeline.

The contractors we work with are usually widely regarded as experts in their fields. They come with great references and excellent experience, which is why we continue to work with them and recommend them for your open positions. We know how critical time is in this industry, so we’ll help you fill your needs with speed and efficiency.

Expanding your candidate pipeline can be a challenge. Your Black Diamond Networks experts are here to help. Get in touch to get started today.