Life Sciences & Technology

In life sciences, the only constant is change. Be ready with Black Diamond Networks.

Beyond Staffing

You’re working in highly regulated industries where there is no room for error: medical devices, medicines, delivery systems and therapeutic products. BDN’s Life Sciences and Technology group is uniquely positioned to fill your critical resource needs quickly and effectively. Every day, we are matching clients with the quality, safety, validation, clinical, regulatory and compliance experts they need. When there’s a gap in your workforce, turn to BDN. Our recruiting team continually connects with and recruits the most highly specialized and proficient talent nationwide. So when you have a need, we have the answer. 


Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Quality Systems

Quality Remediation, Gap Assessment & Quality Investigations

Risk Management

Post-Market Surveillance

Design Control

Process Development & Engineering

Internal & External Auditing

Compliance Engineering (US/International)


Validation Engineering, Documentation Development and Execution

Facilities, Utilities, Equipment, Process, Automation, Test Method, Analytical Method, Laboratory, Computerized Systems, Software, & IT Validation

Cleaning & Sterilization; Packaging & Labeling


Regulatory Submissions, Technical Writing & Regulatory Strategy Development

PMAs, 510(k)s, NDAs, ANDAs, BLAs, INDs, IDEs & other regulatory filings

International Regulatory Filings, Product Registrations & Labeling


Medical Writing

Medical Monitoring

Clinical Trial Management Clinical Development / Clinical Study Design

GCP Auditing Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance

Biostatisticians, Toxicologist & Clinical Scientists

Our Placement Process

Potential BDN consultants are sourced using a variety of recruitment methods: direct recruitment, consultant referrals, client referrals and internet search agents. We put an emphasis on consultants sourced through direct recruitment and referrals. That’s because these candidates have a recommendation from a trusted source or are currently working on assignment in our core service market. In fact, more than half of our contractors are first introduced to BDN through referrals or direct recruitment. Before they can be certified as a Black Diamond Network’s contractor, each new candidate goes through a rigorous, multi-step qualification and review process. Only the very best make it in.


How Can We Help?

Let us assist you through:

Project Planning and Management

Facility Expansions & Upgrades and Commissioning & Decommissioning

Clinical Trials

Mergers & Acquisitions

Regulation Change and Compliance Risk Management

Auditing and Inspection Preparation

Remediation Efforts

Technology Transfers, Scale-Up Operations, Process Optimization, and Development

Regulatory Approvals and Product Filings


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