Tips for Staying Fit on the Road

We all know that staying fit is no simple task. There are many factors that affect your health and fitness such as your diet and your workout regimen to name a couple. Having a set routine or schedule is imperative to maintaining this fit lifestyle.  What makes this lifestyle even more difficult to maintain is if your job requires you to travel and be away from your home for several months. The temptation to go to a restaurant instead of cooking is always there and more than likely always gets the best of you! In this article you will see 7 workout movements you can do in your hotel room, apartment or anywhere you have a flat surface and some extra time!

These 7 movements are great to mix and match for your daily workout because they exercise a variety of different muscles in your body and help you get a balanced work out. You can choose how many reps and sets of each movement to do for the best workout for your body type.

The best thing to pair with a good workout is a healthy meal! Below you will find two recipes that are both healthy and delicious! These recipes are great for a limited hotel kitchen or a small apartment kitchen. The first recipe is a kale and apple salad with toasted almonds and pecorino (also known at Romano) cheese. Click here for the full recipe from The Food Network!

This next recipe is great for those of you who aren’t sold on the new kale trend and want a more hearty meal. This spicy beef stir-fry is very simple to make and very delicious. The great thing about stir fry meals is that they are ready to eat within 8 minutes of cooking! Click here for the full recipe from The Food Network!

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