The Growth of Black Diamond

In January, 2013 Black Diamond expanded our operation to the Western region with the opening of our Phoenix Arizona office. The Arizona office provides Black Diamond with an additional resource; if we have a particular contractor who only wants to work on the West Coast or a client that is only positioned on the West Coast, Black Diamond is now poised to meet those demands and has the resources to do so.

While Black Diamond’s office count doubled, our staff count has also been on the rise. Since June, 2012 Black Diamond’s employee headcount has risen 26% and a large part of that growth can be attributed to our Arizona office. Currently Black Diamond’s only discipline in Arizona is our Quality Engineering group; the goal is to build out our Western U.S presence by expanding out other skill disciplines to the Phoenix office.

After a decision made in 2007, at the urging and encouragement of a staff recruiter, Black Diamond began servicing the FDA-regulated industry market supplying Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Validation consultants to Lifesciences and Medical Device companies. FDA regulated industry services has overtaken engineering as the fastest growing segment of Black Diamond’s business and we can attribute our decision in 2007 to expand our market as one of the contributing factors to our office expansion.

The demand for Quality and Validation consultants has been high due to the significant growth of the industry over the last five years and that growth is expected to continue. By 2017 the medical device industry is expected to reach over $302 billion in sales with a CAGR of 6.1%. This growth is fueled by the expected FDA approval of new products in the gastric electric stimulator (GES), surgical robotics and neurovascular stent markets.

Black Diamond is excited about our new venture and we are confident that our office expansion and growth will provide limitless career and business opportunities for internal staff, contractors and clients.

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