Interested in Working Remotely? Consider a Remote Contract Position With BDN

There is no “one-size-fits-all” for employment relationships anymore. With recent technological advances, increasing numbers of employers are open to flexible work arrangements including the option to work remotely. In today’s world of video conferencing, messaging software, and co-working spaces, there’s less need to require employees to be physically present in an office. There’s good news for technical consultants too: many of our partners in the life sciences and engineering industry are looking for remote professionals for contracts of varying lengths. Never considered working remotely? Here are some of the benefits for technical professionals.

More Flexibility

Ask someone who works in a remote capacity, and they’ll probably tell you that flexibility is one of the primary benefits of the employment arrangement. Many (but not all) remote contract positions allow the consultant to work flexible hours as long as their work is getting done. This level of flexibility can be key when it comes to establishing a healthy work-life balance.

Simply put, life happens and sometimes it can be difficult to deal to fit appointments and other responsibilities outside the hours of 8 – 5. A flexible schedule gives remote contractors the ability to tackle an errand, go to a doctor’s appointment, or tend to other needs without taking time off work. This combination of personal and professional freedom can be key for those looking for a little more work-life balance.

Increased Productivity

An annual survey conducted by the remote job board FlexJobs found that 66 percent of surveyed professional believed that they’d be more productive working at home than in a traditional office. Without the distractions, office politics, and noise typically found in a traditional office environment there’s no surprise that a significant portion of the workforce feels this way. Additionally, without the need to commute every day, many remote employees find that they have more time to work and fewer things dragging their attention away.

Your Office, Your Way

An often-overlooked benefit of the remote arrangement is that you can tailor your office to your specific needs. Want to paint your home office in a more pleasing color? You can do that. Want a standing desk to get out of the office chair every once and a while? You can do that too. An added benefit: the ability to set your own ambient temperature means an end to the office thermostat battles.

You Could Save Money

We’ve already explored how working remotely can benefit an employee’s work-life balance and overall productivity, but a remote-work arrangement can benefit your checkbook as well. Without the need to spend money on gas, coffee, lunches, dry cleaning, child care, and more it’s estimated that working remotely can save a person between $2,000 – $6,500 dollars per year.

Ready to Go Remote?

If you’ve considered remote opportunities in the past, we have some good news. Black Diamond Networks works with startup and Fortune 500 companies, some of whom are currently looking for technical professionals. To view our currently available remote positions, click here or give us a call at 1.800.681.4734.

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