Bridge the Gap: Improving the Onboarding Process

Your first day working a new contract position should be one of excitement and purpose. We work hard to find our consultants contract jobs that meet their needs and expectations. Working as a consultant with Black Diamond means you’ll be in frequent contact with our contractor services department to ensure you’re ready and prepared for your first day. While we do everything we can to help you prepare, we realize that things come up, and sometimes situations arise with our clients where they may not be totally prepared to onboard a consultant on their first day at the facility.

That’s why, in late 2018, we launched a program we call, Bridge the Gap, that aims to ensure both client and contractor are adequately prepared for the start of the contract. The good news for our contractors is that we’ve already seen positive results from the program, leading to better outcomes for Black Diamond clients and contractors alike. Before we get into the data, here’s a little bit about the program.

What is Bridge the Gap?

Simply put, our Bridge the Gap program is a way to initiate and drive a productive working relationship between our clients and contractors from the very first day. The program is designed to increase the level of communication between our consultants, their recruiters, and the clients with which the consultant will be working.

For our consultants, the good news is, there’s not much additional work required on your end. You’ll still have a call with your recruiter to confirm all information regarding your contract position and start date. The only new step is an introduction with a BDN account manager who serves as Black Diamond’s point of contact for our clients. This introduction serves to confirm that our clients, contractors, and Black Diamond are on the same page regarding key assignment details. These include ensuring that the consultant will have the workspace, the tools and equipment, and personal introductions they’ll need to be successful on the job. Now, we’ve told you about the program, but what about the results for our contractors?

Crossing the “Bridge”

As stated above, the launch of our bridge the gap program resulted in significant increases in our contractor’s overall satisfaction with the onboarding process. Since implementing the program, our consultants have consistently reported that our clients are more prepared for their first day and rate their overall onboarding experience higher as well. In the fourth quarter of 2018, over 75 percent of our contractors rated their onboarding experience as an eight out of ten or higher. Marking a significant improvement since we started Bridge the Gap. But, don’t just take it from us, hear it from some of our contractors:

Contractor testimonials:

“Benjamin R. was in contact, transparent, and honest in everything. I would work with Black Diamond again.”

“Alex M. has done an excellent job both recruiting me and following up. I truly appreciate how he goes about things.”

“Nicole G. was very responsive to the questions I had when I was using the onboarding checklist.”

Client testimonials:

“Sydney B. was great to work with. She was very responsive to all communications, and followed up with a few items that I hadn’t thought about. She provided resumes quickly with great choices in candidates and the experience we needed.”

“Miles Z. stayed connected and was ready to help when needed.”

“Nick M. and his team keeps me updated on the status of the recruitment process, the candidates, and any inquiries I might have. He is very responsive and is always on the ball.”

Interested in Contract Opportunities?

Whether you’re new to consulting or a seasoned pro, Black Diamond Networks takes the steps to make your onboarding experience as smooth as possible. If you’ve been looking for a contract staffing company that goes above and beyond, visit us at or view our open positions, here.

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