3 Essential Steps for Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding can be exhausting for contractors. Each company has a different onboarding process with different steps, required documents, timeframes, and more. However, thanks to the Black Diamond Networks Bridge the Gap program, your onboarding process will be a breeze every time. Let us help you hit the ground running on your new assignment in three essential steps.

Step 1: Check in with your recruiter

The first and most vital step in your onboarding process is communicating with your Black Diamond recruiter for guidance. Your recruiter will be in close contact with your account executive and the client to ensure you receive any important information about your assignment.

This step allows us to identify any missing paperwork or information and ensure a seamless process. Since we have contractors working from state to state, we can efficiently complete everything remotely. However, if you’re local to any of our office locations, you may have the opportunity to come in person to build a face-to-face relationship with your recruiter.

Our Bridge the Gap program is designed to ensure you have everything you need from the very first day of your assignment. If you’re onsite, we’ll go through our internal checklist to get your desk and laptop set up. If you’re remote, we will communicate with you through emails and over the phone.

Step 2: Log into Black Diamond’s online system

The Black Diamond online system, eStaff365, can help you get your paperwork done. This paperwork could include documents you receive or information you need to submit.

Our online system makes it easy for you to access and complete your paperwork electronically rather than printing out the forms or going into the office. When you sign into eStaff365, you will be able to see a checklist of each document you need to complete or review. Once you complete this checklist, your onboarding coordinator will review each document to ensure everything is correct.

You generally won’t be asked to provide anything out of the ordinary. However, the required information and documentation can vary depending on what type of contract work you are doing and what the client requires. For example, if you are a W2 contractor, you may need to receive and submit different forms than an independent contractor.

All of these HR-related materials can be sent and received through eStaff365. As a result, while the paperwork and documentation may vary between contractors and clients, the onboarding process will remain smooth and familiar each time you work through Black Diamond.

Step 3: Show up and get started

Your final step is simple: be present for your first day on assignment, whether remotely or in-person, and hit the ground running! Thanks to our Bridge the Gap program, there’s very little responsibility you need to take on during the onboarding process. Simply focus on getting the job done, and we’ll take care of the rest.

This process is in place to give you the best service possible through Black Diamond Networks. As a contractor, your time is valuable, and we want to help you use it as efficiently as possible. Lean on your recruiter and use the eStaff365 system to follow these three essential steps for your onboarding process.

Do you have any more questions about onboarding or finding work through Black Diamond Networks? Get in touch with your experts anytime. We’re always here to help.

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