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With two new locations - Lincoln, Rhode Island and Austin, Texas - and more planned, Black Diamond sees a bright future in 2023.
Black Diamond Networks is growing. New offices in Lincoln, Rhode Island and Austin, Texas are just the start of its ongoing expansion plans.
Black Diamond Project Solutions
How do new drugs in development get through development? Oftentimes, it’s due to a strong partnership with a clinical research organization (CRO). And who do the CROs partner with when...
Tracking the volume and velocity of drug trends
We take a look at why and how drug trends unfold to help predict regulatory shifts and prepare for resource gaps before they happen.
A biopharmaceutical company needed to update and expand its existing quality system as several of its drug candidates moved closer to commercial approval.
A Signal of The Future of Pharma and Med Device
President Biden has recently nominated Robert Califf to be the Commissioner of The US Food and Drug Administration. What changes will this bring to the FDA and across pharma and...
Learn about four individuals who have made history following their dreams
As Black History Month comes to a close, we are taking time to reflect on all the groundbreaking contributions Black Americans have made in the fields of science, technology, and...
What it means and how it's changing in a COVID world
With vaccine development suddenly in the spotlight due to the global pandemic, pharmacovigilance will be under even more scrutiny. BDN's Ben Locwin explains.
A conversation with Ben Locwin
Meet Ben Locwin, a Life Sciences subject matter expert with Black Diamond Networks, supporting our clients in Project Solutions and beyond. We talk about public health, the pandemic, vaccines, and...