What does it mean to be a recruiter at Black Diamond Networks?

Two of our all-star recruiters talk about their careers in the staffing industry

Wonder what it’s like to be a recruiter?

Two of our all-star recruiters, Eileen Clinton and Peter Rodriguez, share how they got into the staffing industry and what it means to be a recruiter. 

“Your head is always on a swivel.”

Eileen Clinton called in from BDN’s Palm Beach Gardens, Florida office, sharing her insights on working her way up through the company – and moving from Andover, MA to sunny Florida. 

“You’re the point guard of the company. You have to know where everyone is and where they should be.”

Peter Rodriguez joined the conversation from our Phoenix, Arizona office. He talks about playing basketball, finding his place in the staffing industry, and his studies of philosophy and religion. 

These interviews were featured on the Inside Hockey podcast. Black Diamond Networks is the presenting sponsor of the program, which is hosted by longtime Boston University hockey play-by-play man Bernie Corbett and features interviews with the best players, coaches and analysts in the nation.

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