What’s in a Name?

A ski mountain is draped by a cascade of milk-white snow trails.  These trails are marked by a system of colored shapes — green circles, blue squares and black diamonds — which correspond to their degree of skiing difficulty.  For many skiers and snowboarders, a trail marked by a Black Diamond is to be avoided or approached with trepidation.  The Black Diamond trail is the most challenging and rigorous of all trails, requiring split-second agility, exceptional concentration and well-honed skill and experience to traverse.

Black Diamond’s founders, Mike and Greg, could not have come up with a more apt name for their new technical contract services company over two decades ago.  The Black Diamond symbol and all it represents is the perfect metaphor for the service they envisioned — based on excellence, grounded in recruiting mastery, and focused on skillful handling of client’s contract staffing needs.  Black Diamond would be fast, but not reckless; it would be precise, but not rigid; and it would take on the most challenging niche of the market — highly specialized, critical expertise, technical professionals — and handle it with skill and confidence, but never arrogance or pridefulness.  In other words, like professionals.

The word “Networks” was adjoined to the Black Diamond name to reflect the new company’s ability to grow its business through referrals and positive word-of-mouth.  Fast forward to today, and that network of satisfied and loyal clients and contractors that Black Diamond has been able to cultivate continues to nurture and propel its growth and help it to fulfill its mission of service excellence.

Black Diamond Networks = skillful execution of the most difficult recruitment terrain!

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