It is all about NX (New-hire experience)

Whether you join our team in Andover, MA; Scottsdale, AZ; Palm Beach Gardens, FL; or San Jose, CA you will begin your BDN journey with BDN University’s onboarding program. Our 3-month program integrates the latest trends in adult learning, agile principles, and technology – Designed around an effective blended learning model that combines classroom, self-paced, and social learning. We leverage online collaboration and video-conferencing technologies that break down the geographical silos between our office locations, encourage best practices sharing, and promote team-building.

Talk to one of our talent acquisition experts Joe, Sarah, Ugene, or Megan to explore the opportunity to join the BDN Team.

“It is all about NX (New-hire experience). Rather than providing an isolated onboarding experience for each our locations, technology can bring us together and make it a joint experience.” – Tom Stammberger, Director of Learning & Development.

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