Interesting Sales Books

In a sales position, find sales interesting or just want to learn something new? Well listed below are three books that our Learning and Development Director keeps on his night stand. Take a look and read his feedback to see if these books are what you’re looking for and if you have read them, let us know!


The Lost Art of Closing – Anthony Iannarino

This book presents some interesting ideas that may be great for the local teams or those that meet face-to-face with customers. The book considers the massive changes in the sales industry including the Internet, social media, and the increased knowledge power that clients now have, and provides food for thought to better understand and overcome challenges when it comes to closing.


Sales EQ – Jeb Blount

In a nutshell, to make sales, it is not just about giving your clients insights, educating them, challenging them, and add value. One key component that is missing is “Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Jeb Blount argues that to make a sale you also need to develop strong interpersonal skills, learn to control your emotions, leverage your client’s emotions and manage your relationships with them.


New Sales Simplified – Mike Weinberg

This book focuses on prospecting and business development. One of the points that Mike Weinberg makes is that sales people fail because they are too passive, lacking focus, unwilling to call prospects, focus on existing clients (and contractors) too much, and more.

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