Glassdoor Just Released Their List of the Highest Paying Jobs, and There’s Good News for Technical Professionals

Each year, the employer review website Glassdoor uses their proprietary data to compile a list of the most lucrative jobs in the United States. While there are some occupations that take a perennial spot on the list every year, the ever-changing laws of supply and demand have the potential to alter the makeup of the list significantly. Given the intensive schooling and intelligence that predicates a career in life sciences, engineering, or information technology it should come as no surprise that many technical professions made this year’s list.

The occupations detailed below reflect the position they appeared on Glassdoor’s list.

6. Software Development Manager

8. Software Engineering Manager

10. Software Architect

11. Engineering Manager

12. Application Development Manager

14. IT Program Manager

15. Solutions Architect

17. Data Architect

19. Systems Architect

23. Cloud Engineer

25. Data Scientist

The Good News for Contractors

Technical prowess, experience, and a robust set of qualifications are a few of the traits typically needed to obtain a high-paying job. As such, the pool of candidates for these positions is much shallower than in many other professions. This lack of supply, coupled with the proliferation of technologies that require highly-skilled professionals, means that hiring managers across the United States are struggling to find the talent they require to meet their organization’s goals.

Increasingly, companies of all sizes are turning to contract staffing companies, such as Black Diamond Networks, to supply the personnel they require. Contract professionals working with BDN typically earn as much or more than they would if they were working a permanent position. Additionally, since our contractors are paid on an hourly basis, you’ll be paid for any overtime worked at an agreed-upon rate, as opposed to a permanent position where you’re paid an annual salary regardless of how many hours you work.

Take Advantage of the Demand for Your Skills

Working with a staffing company, such as Black Diamond Networks, gives you access to hundreds of companies who are looking for professionals with skills like yours. See where contracting can take your career! Browse our open positions or get in touch with a contract staffing specialist at 1.800.681.4734.

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