From Behind the Desk – Part 3: A Consultant’s Point of View

In this final installment of our three part blog series, we take a look at the consultants’ point of view. Leonard is a devoted consultant who has been working with Black Diamond for many years and has an abundance of consulting experience under his belt. In this piece, he talks about the value of IT and Engineering consultants and all the hard work involved in being a “valuable” consultant.

The relationship, specifically between the contracted professional, the client and the technical staffing firm has one principle that inextricably links the three entities together.  It can be described in many ways, but is summarized by one word, which is “Value”. Value exists in our personal lives and in business and it can be measured in a manner that accounts for every second of every day.  As it relates to the success in business relationships, if any one of the three entities fails to provide and/or sustain value, or even more importantly, fails in enhancing the value of doing business jointly for the long term, the business relationship and return on investment can suffer and even be lost.

As a consultant, the education, developed skill-set and demonstrated accomplishments contribute to the equation and level of value.  Certainly, one can further expand on that knowledge base and become more diverse and universal and in doing so, the recognized value of the consultant increases and the worth and/or value to the client and to the employer also increases.

In addition, character traits from the consultant can significantly add value.  Having passion in pursuit of achievement, commitment, integrity, honesty, being trustworthy, being a team player and demonstrating continuous usefulness in effective productivity and throughout are recognized more often than not, by both, the client and the employer. Although some of these characteristics are subjective in nature, they do contribute in kind to your personal financial gains, your recognized capabilities and your reputation in the network of professionals that you interact with.

In the end, there are a lot of attributes that make a consultant and the relationship they share with their staffing firm “valuable”. We cherish every relationship we have with our consultants and know they are all extremely “valuable.”

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