Case Study | Aerospace and Defense Client

Situation Synopsis:

Improved operational cohesion between HR staffing organization and Engineering; Improved Engineering hiring turnaround and results; Improved candidate matching and account problem-solving through regular site visits.


From early on in the account relationship it was apparent that Client’s internal HR staffing group and engineering managers were not on the same page in their hiring efforts which resulted in process backlogs, poor candidate matching, lost time and opportunity cost. Black Diamond stepped in to bridge the communication gap, and facilitated the flow of information and data to-and-from HR and engineering resulting in improved candidate flow and accuracy.


Based on a comparison of Black Diamond’s internal metrics versus Client account metrics, it became clear that hiring managers were not sufficiently organizing and prioritizing their hiring efforts. Black Diamond worked with hiring managers to set up a regular schedule for candidate review and interviewing that cut down candidate process time, reduced confusion and lost information, and better filled more positions in less time.


As soon as it became clear that Black Diamond had the opportunity to play a major role in the Client’s temporary engineering staffing effort, we initiated regular site visits to better understand the dynamics and culture of the work and local living environment and develop bonds of communication and trust with key customer contact points. We were then able to qualify and supply more suitably matched candidates. When issues arose with assignments or service process, we could rely on the relationship foundation we had established to more effectively work through solutions together with the client.

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