Bridging the Communications Gap

In business and in life, the root of most problems and unfulfilled expectations is lack of communication. Nowhere is this more evident than in the professional contracting business.  I am not referring to the hiring process, though that could use some improvement itself.  I am speaking about what happens after the assignment starts. One of the most common frustrations voiced by contractors is having no communication from or with their contracting agency after they start assignment.

At Black Diamond Networks, two of our core service values are responsible communication and responsiveness.  In my role as Contractor Care Representative for Black Diamond, I provide our contractors with timely support and assistance during their assignment. The foundation of this program is to provide a positive work experience for our contractors, with the hope of always having someone available for them to reach out to.

This program has proven to be a great communication channel for Black Diamond and our contract workforce. The Contractor Care Program has provided us with increased opportunity to build a professional and personal relationship with our contractors. I reach out to our contractors throughout their assignment to see how things are going and if there are any issues affecting their work experience and performance while on assignment. I assist in resolving these issues in a timely manner to help provide a better work experience and outcome for all concerned. In addition to getting to know our contractors better, I also work on improving our company’s services to make sure we are making our contractors’ assignment experience the best it can be. Though I proactively try to reach everybody, I encourage our contractors to contact me directly any time they need help with something or just need someone to talk to, whether the situation is good or bad.

Our Contractor Care Program is one of the many qualities that distinguish us from other staffing firms in our industry. We are proud of our values and mission and this program reflects our commitment to building productive and sustainable relationships based on an open flow of communication, and treating contractors as a valuable member of our employee family.

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