Black Diamond Networks Pays a Visit to Greentown Labs

At Black Diamond Networks, we often cite our company tagline; we’re the experts in technical staffing. Part of that commitment means helping companies big and small find the consulting talent they need to bring their businesses to the next level. Last week, members of BDNs local services and marketing teams visited Greentown Labs in downtown Cambridge to learn more about the future of clean energy and how we can help be part of the future of renewable energy.

Greentown Labs is the United States’ largest co-working space dedicated to clean energy and technology. Their 40,000 square foot space features a prototyping lab, co-located office space, and a shared machine shop on the premises. Companies that work out of Greentown Labs range from early-stage companies who are just beginning the prototyping process to those who have raised money a Series A venture capital funding round. Greentown’s’ member companies operate in a diverse number of industries including next-generation fuel technology, automated propulsion systems, robotics, and more.

Members of the BDN team were offered a tour of Greentown’s facility and lab space to see the work being done at Greentown firsthand. We had a great time meeting the scientists and engineers at Greentown Labs and we look forward to seeing your progress, and hope we can help should you need consulting coverage in the future?

Ready to experience the “Diamond Difference”?

Black Diamond Networks is different than most staffing and recruiting firms. We take the time to get to know your company, understand its needs, and present you consultants that meet your specifications. From small startup companies to Fortune 500 firms, we have the consulting network and backend capabilities to meet any need.

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