BDN Sends First Graders To Charlotte’s Web!


This week, the students sent BDN some awesome thank you notes. Check out some of the drawings below, we have some talented future artists on our hands!

Throughout the past month, Black Diamond Networks has been collecting donations for a very special cause brought to our attention by one of our very own employees. Dean’s mother, a first-grade teacher at the Leahy School in Lawrence, MA, reached to BDN to help raise money for a school field trip for all first-grade students. The money collected would allow all of the first-grade students to go and see the play version of Charlotte’s Web at the Wheelock College Theatre in Boston, MA. BDN pledged to match all employee contributions, and we hit our goal of $1,400! This money will provide all 100 first grade students with transportation and tickets to see the play! For most of the students, this will be their first visit to Boston and their very first play!

Last week a few BDN employees including Dean, took a trip over to the Leahy School to personally deliver the funds we had raised. They even got to sit in a classroom and witness the students’ reactions while they were told about their field trip, it was very humbling to say the least. The teachers, faculty, and students were extremely grateful for our generosity and are so excited to see Charlotte’s Web on May 5th!

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