BDN is Proud to Support the Special Field Games!

On September 15th, BDN employees took to the field and donned our referee uniforms in support of one of our favorite events, the Special Field Games. It was a cloudy day at the Haverhill Campus of Northern Essex Community College, but that didn’t stop the competitors from letting their competitive spirit shine through.

The 38th edition of the Special Field Games began with the opening ceremonies, lead by the Knights of Columbus and the men and women of the Clan MacPherson bagpipe and drum corps. After a ceremonial lap around the field, the games began with the 25-meter dash and the frisbee toss. While the events were competitive in nature, the athletes went above and beyond to support one another in the pursuit of fun.

As a sponsor of the Special Field Games, Black Diamond Networks employees from our Andover office were on hand to support the athletes, officiate the events, and to hand out well-deserved awards after the competition. As part of our commitment to the games, BDN provided all the athletes and volunteers with Special Field Games t-shirts.

Black Diamond Networks is proud to support the Special Field Games, and we can’t wait to see all the athletes back on the field next year! We would also like to take a minute to thank The Service Club of Andover and the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus for joining us in sponsoring such a wonderful event.

Visit The Service Club of Andover’s website to learn more about the Special Field Games and how you can get involved.

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