A Matter of Trust

I’ve spent a long career in this business and while I can’t say that I have heard and seen it all, I certainly have heard and seen a lot.  Fortunately, in my case, the vast majority of people I have worked with and for have been fair, ethical and just plain good folk.  But I’ve also had the occasional, discouraging experience of having to deal with the unscrupulous and underhanded side of this business where terms suddenly change after an agreement has been reached, jobs mysteriously vanish with no explanation, and money that’s promised never gets paid, to name a few transgressions.

There is advantage to gain from these manipulations and people get away with them – that’s why they are done.  But any benefit is short-lived.  Fool me once – you caught me not paying attention.  But fool me twice? Hopefully, not. Manipulations, gimmicks, and shiny promises do not make for successful business or relationships.  Ultimately, successful and lasting business comes down to Trust.

  • Do I trust that my recruiter has my best interest at heart?
  • Do I trust that my recruiter knows what he or she is doing?
  • Do I trust that my recruiter knows who I am?
  • Do I trust that there is an assignment for me on the other side of this plane ride?
  • Do I trust that I am being offered a fair rate for my services?
  • Do I trust that my pay will be in my bank account at the end of the week and that the amount will be correct?
  • Do I trust that there are people to help me with problems, if one should occur?
  • Do I trust that there will be another suitable job for me when the current one ends?
  • Do I trust that my commitment, work effort and loyalty will be appreciated and recognized?
  • Do I trust that my employer will be in business at the end of the month?

As a contractor, these are some of the questions you should be asking when the phone rings with that next tempting job opportunity.  In the end, trust should guide your decision.  If there is anything more important than that when it comes to your livelihood and peace of mind I’d like to hear about it.

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