5 Tips for Success in Remote Interviews

Your experts at Black Diamond Networks can help you prepare and secure new opportunities through remote interviews
While remote interviews share some similarities with in-person interviews, there are also some different things you should keep in mind to ace interviews by phone or video. Your experts at Black Diamond Networks can help you prepare and secure new opportunities through remote interviews. Check out our 5 tips for success in remote interviews below.

1. Take your time

One crucial difference between remote and in-person interviews is that you have to account for potential video and phone lag. If this happens during your interview, it might cause some alarm or anxiety on top of the usual nerves that accompany most interviews. Our advice: pause, think before you speak, and don’t ramble on! “Take your time” may seem like the most basic of advice. However, this simple strategy can do wonders for your nerves as well as make it easier to deal with any potential lags, delays, or other technical issues. Do your best to speak slowly and clearly, ensuring you don’t speak over your interviewer and that you’ll be heard and understood no matter if any glitches occur.

2. Lean on your recruiter

Remote interviews limit how you can show your value and personality without a physical presence or any “real” human interaction, especially interviews that happen by phone only. When working with a company like Black Diamond Networks, you will need to lean on your recruiter a little more to demonstrate your fitness for the role. Your recruiter will help prepare you for your interview by giving you pointers about what to say, what not to say, and as much insider information as possible about product pipelines, the work environment, team personalities, and more. However, it’s a good idea for you to do your own preparation to get to know your interviewer too.

3. Know your interviewer

Your Black Diamond Networks recruiter will send you information about who you’ll be talking to, background on the company and project, and more. Often, we already have contractors who worked or interviewed with the client company, which means we can provide tips on what to highlight and what to expect. Besides reviewing all the information we give you, ensure you look up the interviewer and company yourself as well! You may find you have some things in common you can use to make a personal connection, such as a mutual acquaintance, similar past jobs, and more. All of this can help you demonstrate your value, show your experience, and set you apart during your interview.

4. Get set up beforehand

If you’re not prepared for your remote interview, you might end up facing a stressful scramble to set up and ensure everything is working correctly. We recommend setting up at least a day before your call. Here’s a checklist you can run through as you prepare:
  • Download and set up your interview interface. If you’re using Zoom, Teams, or another interface, download and log into the application well before your call. It may be helpful to test the interface with your recruiter or someone else to ensure the quality is good and everything works.
  • Ensure you have WiFi available. This is especially important if you are on a current job and not at home. You may assume your hotel or location will have WiFi, but that is not always the case! Double-check to ensure you have stable Internet access for your interview.
  • Set up a clean, appropriate background. During remote interviews, looking professional doesn’t just include how you dress: it also includes your background. Tidy up or turn on a virtual background to prevent anything distracting or unprofessional.
  • Test your sound setup. Your interviewer wants to hear from you, so make sure you can be heard! A cell phone’s speaker quality is usually pretty poor, so if your interview is by phone, a landline is the better choice. You can also use a wired or wireless headset with your computer for high sound quality during both voice and video calls.

5. Bring questions and talking points

Despite the differences between remote and in-person interviews, one thing you can expect to stay relatively similar is the interview format. Your interviewer will have some questions and information for you and expect you to have the same, so be prepared! We recommend preparing questions and talking points just as you would for an in-person interview. Know your resume and work experience well enough to talk about it with confidence, and always bring questions to ask as well. If you’re not sure what kind of questions and talking points to prepare, talk to your recruiter for some advice. How else can we help you prepare for interviews and on-the-job success? Get in touch with our team to use our resources and expertise as you find your next opportunity.

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