4 Things We Look for in Ideal Contract Candidates

At Black Diamond Networks, we’ve built our reputation on being the experts in technical staffing. In practice, that means matching up skilled engineers and technical professionals with clients who need their specific skills. Part of this commitment to finding niche technical professionals means working with consultants who are at the top of their field and have been growing their skills for some time. While there’s no one-size-fits-all profile that makes someone an ideal candidate for BDN, here are four things we look for when considering contract engineering candidates.

High-level Skills and Experience

There are hundreds of staffing companies located throughout the United States who specialize in placing technical professionals in different industries, experience levels, placement types, and locations. Some staffing firms are large and operate on a volume-based business model that prioritizes making as many placements as possible, regardless of the quality of candidates submitted. Black Diamond Networks takes a different approach. We’re a nice provider of technical talent specializing in placing candidates who have 7 – 10+ years of relevant experience in their field. While we do take some listings with shorter experience requirements, many of our clients are looking for seasoned pros who can join their team and hit the ground running.

Prior Contract Roles

Additionally, we also look for candidates who have prior experience working in a contract capacity. At BDN, we put emphasis on finding candidates from known sources, typically those who are already working as a consultant or who were referred to us from someone already working with BDN. This emphasis combined with our multi-step qualification process ensures that candidates are comfortable working in a consulting capacity and that only the best candidates make it into the BDN talent network.


Things in the contract staffing world move quickly. When clients come to BDN, they do so with a known need and work with our account managers to find the ideal candidates quickly and efficiently. Our speed of response is something that sets us apart from our competition and something that we also like to see in perspective contract professionals. Unlike some staffing firms, your BDN recruiter won’t bother you with unnecessary calls if we don’t have a position that’s a good fit for your particular skills. This way, when you’re contacted by BDN you know its because we have a legitimate opening with a client that’s looking to hire now. Our placement process is one of both speed and precision, which means we’re always looking for technical professionals who are ready to hear about their next potential contract role.

Willingness to Travel

Black Diamond Networks works with companies located across the United States. While we have positions available in many major metropolitan areas, some of our positions require extremely unique skillsets or our clients are located in more remote areas requiring contractors who are open to traveling and working at the client onsite. We’re realistic in realizing that many people have responsibilities that make traveling for a contract position infeasible, but we’re always looking for candidates who are open to going to work wherever or whenever they’re needed. If you’re a consultant who hasn’t yet traveled for contract work, there’s never been a better time to get out there, take in a new locale, and get paid while you do it.

Are You a Perfect Match?

Are you an experienced contractor looking for a change of pace? Black Diamond Networks would love to talk to you. Our placement process takes a consultative approach that gives our recruiters an intimate understanding of just what you’re looking for in a contract opening. Once you’ve accepted a position, our contractor services team works to ensure a smooth onboarding process and ultimately a successful assignment. If you’re ready to experience the Diamond Difference, give us a call at 1.800.681.4734 or visit www.blackdiamondnet.com/jobs/ to view our open positions.

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