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Project Solutions

Benefit from our vast network of pre-qualified, function-specific consultants, with the added value and convenience of project planning, management, and execution. Choose your level of engagement: full project lifecycle ownership, help with design & planning, or provisioning & execution, and let us get to work for you.

From Life Sciences to Product Engineering, we’ve got your project planning, staffing, and management needs covered, with proven capabilities in: 


R&D ♦ Clinical Operations ♦ Regulatory Affairs ♦ Quality
Manufacturing ♦ Software, Hardware and Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering ♦ SW/HW Test ♦ Big Data
Web/Mobile Applications

Read our Case Studies

The Black Diamond Advantage

Relevant Experience
  • Over two decades of experience recruiting, delivering, and managing top technical talent, individually and in teams, nationwide
  • Specialized expertise in engineering and life sciences 
  • Deep operational and technical understanding of life science and engineering processes and development


Flexible Solutions
  • More than 100 subject matter experts and project managers available to help craft and execute finely tuned project plans
  • Over 5,000 deploy-ready life science and engineering contract professionals for projects of any size and scope
  • Collaborative project design customized for your specific requirements


Guaranteed Results
  • Deep and expansive talent base eliminates the do-overs, delays, and disruptions that plague many project efforts
  • Rigorous management process ensures tight execution and on-time results
  • Active communications and timely reporting provides a transparent view of project performance and status
  • Financial strength supports extensive resource capitalization without cash flow bottlenecks that can impact project scope and schedule


Our Approach

Strategic Development Project Planning  Resource Management
Execution & Delivery  Goal Attainment

Strategic Development  Using our experience and expertise, we collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive strategy and create a solution with a lasting impact.

Project Planning – Our project managers work with you to develop a project plan with an agreed upon project scope, schedule, resource plan, budget, assumptions, risks, and mitigation.

Resource Management  World-class project and program managers lead and manage our teams, ensuring milestones are met throughout the course of the project.

Execution & Delivery – We work closely with your stakeholders providing timely project status reports and effectively managing the overall effort for on-time delivery.

Goal Attainment Our goal is to deliver on your project goals and exceed your expectations during the process. 

From our Case Studies

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