Optima Filling Line Resource (232915) NC

Southeast, United States

Client looking for an experienced process/qualification engineer with good C&Q experience with sterile fill/finish operations. Candidate must come with Optima filling line experience. Experience with Optima Lyophilization and Optima Packaging systems are what to look for. Resource will be working on the floor interfacing with other engineers and contractors to move the project through the qualification phase. Looking for 5+ years of relevant experience, and a good personality who deals well with change and able to work in a fast paced environment.
NC: Quality Engineer, Validation (232848)

South, Southeast, United States

NC: Quality Engineer, Validation (232848) Our client is seeking a Quality Engineer for a 36 month assignment. 4 filing lines client is getting ready for the first submission and there is a lot of support needed to support quality of the PV process as well as transfer activities
Aseptic Project Manager (232693) NC


The project manager will be responsible with working with individuals on the floor providing oversight and problem solving. The project manager needs to have experience managing both projects and people. Will be working with Isolators, filling lines, material handling and prep prior to filling process.