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Job Description 

Our Boston area based small molecule client needs a Technical Writer with strong process chemistry experience to review their technical reports that are received from a number of Contract Manufacturing Organizations, many from China, etc. In terms of the data the reports contain, they are not bad. In terms of how these documents (which serve as regulatory source documents and tech transfer documents) are presented, they are often poorly written. We need a person who can take these documents and transform them into something that is clear, concise, readable, etc. But there is a nuance: the person must have at one time been a small molecule process chemist. They have to be able to understand the material to present it well. Looking ideally for small molecule process development experience, not biologics experience. Consultant needs to have excellent written communication skills. Someone who understands the science behind process chemistry, write the documents that can be presented to the FDA and tech transfer partners. Documents include campaign reports, development reports from external CMOS. This is position is as-needed with fluctuation in work and can be done very part-time.

Required Skills 

Small molecules, process development, technical writing


Remote: Tech Writer (232423)



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