Remote NY: Brownfield Infrastructure Project Manager (232410)

Life Sciences & Technology | Validation

Job Description 

Client is looking for a seasoned project manager consultant who has worked on Brownfield Capital Projects north of 50 Million dollars. This is a Brownfield situation so they cannot interrupt current manufacturing so need to be able to implement a network of infrastructure for the new processing areas. Looking for a background not only in Capital project management for Brownfield projects but also a strong networking, data migration, automation, and infrastructure background. Dealing with migration of data from one network to another, testing and moving one process area at a time over to the new network without disturbing production. First need to implement the new infrastructure and test it to make sure it can support the transfers. Large effort and looking for someone who has been there before so they can lean on them for expertise as to what they don’t know yet and how to optimize their approach to deliver expected result.

Required Skills 

Brownfield, Capital, Project Manage, Infrastructure, Automation, Network

Remote NY: Brownfield Infrastructure Project Manager (232410)


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