Camden MD: Senior Metrology/Calibration Specialist (232752)

Life Sciences & Technology

Job Description:

The Specialist, Metrology Technical Systems develops and evaluates calibration systems that measure characteristics of objects, substances, or phenomena, such as length, mass, time, temperature, electric current, luminous intensity, and derived units of physical or chemical measure: Identifies magnitude of error sources contributing to uncertainty of results to determine reliability of measurement process in quantitative terms. Redesign or adjust measurement capability to minimize errors. Develops calibration methods and techniques based on principles of measurement science, technical analysis of measurement problems, and accuracy and precision requirements. Provides training to junior Metrologist. Use electronic and hard copy systems to maintain detailed records of calibrations and conduct metrology-related administration.

• Displays Emergent Core Values of Respect, Commitment, Empowerment, Communication, and Innovation continually.
• Coordinates and schedules calibration activities using the SAP Enterprise System.
• Maintains detailed records of calibration activities.
• Performs calibration and repairs of instrumentation necessary for maintaining production equipment, laboratory equipment and other auxiliary measurement systems.
• Directs calibration activities of outside calibration vendors.
• Analyze inspection, measuring, and testing equipment to determine the calibration requirements. Determine the functions to be verified and their specifications, the methods to be used and the measurement standards required.
• Prepare and test new calibration procedures.
• Analyze requirements for measurements standards and make recommendations.
• Performs engineering and statistical analyses of the equipment and historical data to determine appropriate calibration intervals to meet reliability goals.
• Uses the SAP system to create purchase orders for metrology-related expenses and to track invoices to ensure timely payment of vendors.
• Assists in qualification of equipment / facilities as needed.
• Assists in programming, maintenance and troubleshooting of programmable logic controllers and process/environmental monitoring systems


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Camden MD: Senior Metrology/Calibration Specialist (232752)



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