80% travel to sites (25 sites all in US): Blinded CRA (x2) (232384)

Clinical Research & Clinical Affairs

Our small start up client is working on 1 drug right now specific to gout. They are currently in a Phase IIb study with 25 sites throughout the United States. The trial is being handled solely in house and they are not outsourcing to external CRO’s, but they have multiple vendors that they use. This is a VERY SMALL work environment and there is not a lot of internal structure, so they are requiring these CRA’s to be extremely flexible and understand there needs to be constant communication between the teams. This will be a hands on role and so this person needs to have visibility and be able to work independently, be responsible for doing their own admin work specifically, and be able to set up and schedule their monitoring visits with specific sites as they do not have a set schedule planned out, so it will be the CRA’s responsibility to schedule and communicate with the sites for those visits and talk about processes with them. These sites are all institutes, not academic sites. They have eight months left of enrollment, last subject to be enrolled in August as this will be a 9 month study. They only have 1 protocol. They are looking for a CRA to come from small start up pharma/biotech (they are not looking for someone who predominantly worked for CRO’s) and they also want this person to have a variety of different therapeutic areas they worked with (Inflammatory/Rare Disease would be great to have.) They are NOT looking for someone who has predominantly worked with Oncology for their career, they are trying to stay away from that type of background. This will be heavy traveling and so the only remote work will be for pre/follow up documentation for the study.


12 months


20 hours a week+ (depends on Candidate’s availability, if can travel to more sites/take on more work then can be more hours, etc.), will work with Candidate’s schedule if they have another study, etc.


Preferable due to site visits

80% travel to sites (25 sites all in US): Blinded CRA (x2) (232384)


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