From Behind the Desk – Part 1: Temporary Staffing Experiences

Recently, we have received comments and suggestions from some of our consultants regarding future blog post topics. One individual had the idea to have BDN recruiters write about their recruiting experiences and working in the temporary staffing industry. We decided to make a three part blog series showcasing this and other related topics. This blog series will feature recruiters’ opinions and experiences as well as a piece written by one of our consultants. We hope to show our readers both sides of this business.

Rob Berlan has been a recruiter for about 10 years now and was one of the first employees to launch the Quality and Validation group at Black Diamond. Here is what he had to say about the temporary staffing industry…

“Recruiting for contract employees is a very challenging profession.  The contract job market is extremely volatile and presents new challenges each and every day for contract employees and contract recruiters alike.  As a contract recruiter, I am tasked with staying abreast of the contract job market, communicating the vital project information to contract employees and understanding the unique necessities of my clients (i.e. the contract employees who utilize our services). Although contract recruiting is demanding, every single day is exciting and offers an opportunity to learn more about the industry, technologies, client companies and the individual contract employees I work with.”

Jonathan Lyng is another recruiter in our Quality and Validation group. He works out of our Arizona office and has been a technical recruiter for about one and a half years. When asked about the “highs and lows” of this industry he said, “Some of the highs would include a client needing 10 consultants to start on Monday and you are able to meet their needs. Some of the other highs are when the client and consultant both enjoy working with each other and help get life changing products out to market. Some of the lows in this industry would include projects/budgets getting cut or when consultants are not in an ideal situation.”

Next piece, several more of our recruiters will speak about specific experiences they’ve had with consultants. As always, we love hearing from our readers so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think and if you have ideas for future blog posts!

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