"Black Diamond Netowks did everything in their power to improve communication and to make this assignment a success. BDN rocks!
I am honored that you all stood by me and helped this become a full time job. Best consulting firm I have ever worked with over the past many years. Kudos!"
Ruth A. -Quality Engineering Consultant

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Black Diamond Networks, as they have consistently found me new positions that meet my geographical and financial requirements. Black Diamond is a firm that I regularly refer to my colleagues. I would highly recommend them to any consultant who is looking for an organization where trust and professionalism are key characteristics.”
Kevin D.  - Engineering Consultant

“It has been a pleasure working with Black Diamond Networks, as they have always contacted me about jobs in my expertise area and at a great rate. I have been an engineering consultant for the past 20 years and can confidently state that their professionalism separates them from the rest of the industry.”
Scott T. - Engineering Consultant

 “They are very straightforward and forthcoming with everything related to a job placement. Contract negotiations and payment schedules have also been very easy and prompt. In short it has been a pleasure to work with them.”
Arvind N. – Software Developer
“Black Diamond Networks quickly located the position I was seeking with a front running technical organization. I got the rate I was after, the work was rewarding, and Black Diamond Networks maintained their relationship with me throughout the duration of the contract.”
Kate S. - Senior Technical Script Writer
“You would be hard pressed to find a group of individuals that are as professional and knowledgeable as the people at Black Diamond Networks. They have certainly made my professional objectives easier to achieve.”
Mike L. - Senior Application Developer
“Black Diamond Networks was instrumental in obtaining and maintaining a long-term software development engagement for me with one of the worlds largest storage companies. I was very pleased with their staff, benefits, and most of all, the opportunity to work on a great project.”
Christian K. – Software Engineer
“Very professional personalized service. Friendly staff who are always honest and sincere. A great resource when looking for a new contract assignment.”
Brian K. – Software Developer
“They have negotiated the best hourly rate for me and fulfilled their agreement to the letter of the contract. All of Black Diamond Networks staff that I dealt with are very professional, they acted promptly and communicated effectively to resolve issues.”
Saad S. – Software Engineer
“I found working through Black Diamond Networks to be a rewarding experience. Even in a period of economic down turn their cultivation of long term client relationships helped to insure their consultants were working while other consulting companies were going out of business.”
Alex M. – Web Architect
“What has impressed me most about Black Diamond Networks is the way they stay in touch, even when I am not working for them. I would highly recommend staying in close contact with Black Diamond Networks. They are a focused company and a pleasure to work with.”
Michael W. – Web Architect
“I had a very positive experience with Black Diamond Networks. They were the first agency I worked with when I started contracting. At every step of the process, assessing my skills, discussing market opportunities, establishing my rate, they were honest, reliable and professional.”
Greg M. – Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
“I started working with Black Diamond back in the spring of 2000. Right from the start, I could tell they were different. They were open and honest in all their dealings with me and definitely took an interest in the personal characteristics I could bring to a position beyond simply what was on my resume.”
Mike H. – Web Architect
“As a contractor who has dealt with many different agencies, I find the qualities Black Diamond Networks offers are first rate in this field and are simply the best.”
Will C. – Desktop Engineer

Black Diamond has placed me in some of the top companies in the industry and has represented me, and themselves, in a way that demonstrates the high degree of professionalism expected from their clients.  Expect Black Diamond recruiters to keep you informed throughout the placement process which is not the case with most recruiting agencies I’ve dealt with over my career. 
Paul D. –  Sr. Quality Engineer
“Black Diamond was excellent to work with. I got a competitive rate at a cutting edge company where I was exposed to cool technologies. Black Diamond will definitely be the first company I’ll call whenever I’m looking for a project.”
Jack N. – Web Architect
“Black Diamond Networks is an outstanding advocate and represented my interests professionally and effectively with potential clients.”
Reg M. – Web Architect
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