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Looking for that perfect position? The one that will really challenge you, enhance your skills and make you more marketable? Is your future success worth a few minutes of your time?

At Black Diamond Networks, we represent contractors and consultants who are highly skilled and extremely motivated. Our placement process is one that reflects our company directive to help you succeed.

•   Financial Success – salary and benefits you require

•   New Opportunities - new industry experience; continue to develop and expand your skills & knowledge

•   Environment - we take care to match your skills and personal preferences

•  Specialization – we try to be the best within the select staffing category, skill and industry markets we service versus trying to be all things to all customers.  That means a focus on contract staffing within specialized product engineering and IT environments.

•  Recruiting Focus – our recruiting operation is organized into technical specialties (see Skill Disciplines below) that promote a deeper understanding of the labor market, industry, and technical environments in which we operate.  This experience maturity translates to exceptional client access, better job screening and higher quality matches.  As a result, we are able to consistently offer a more efficient and attractive contracting experience.

•  Contractor Care – our relational business approach is centered on our customer service philosophy.  Our support for you doesn't end at the client's door. Our customer care team will assist you every step of the way, from assignment start up to your on-assignment needs and beyond. Our goal is to help you focus on your work and ensure your success.

•   Skill Disciplines – we offer recruiting coverage in the following Technical Skill Areas:

Engineering Services
Information Technology Services
Enterprise Resource Planning Services
FDA Regulated Industry Services    
River Group Technologies  - Permanent Technical Staffing



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