Q: What types of companies utilize Black Diamond Network contractors?
Our client base encompasses a variety of companies in diverse industries. From small start ups to fortune 100 companies, our clients utilize  contractors to ensure completion of time critical projects. Working with our clients, you will broaden your skills, work on challenging projects, and gain exposure to new technologies.


Q: What kind of benefits can I recieve as a Black Diamond Networks contractor?
We offer a selection of benefits based on your employment tenure. These include Direct Deposit, 401k and access to medical insurance through a referred company. For more information, please contact a Black Diamond Networks representative.


Q: What types of assignments do you offer and what is available today?
Each assignment is based on the scope of the project and our clients' specific needs. Our job posting section is real time with new assignments and positions being added daily


Q: How does Black Diamond Networks distinguish itself from other IT & Engineering staffing agencies?
A: Our recruiters create an environment of success. We build a relationship with each contractor, one assignment at a time. By understanding your goals, we identify projects that we feel are the right fit. If we can help you find the right assignment, we'll do it. If not, we won't waste your time.


Q: What if a client wants to hire me full time?
We will support whatever is the best for you and the client. Black Diamond Networks can arrange all of the details and help you through the process. Whether it's to help you accept, decline or negotiate an offer - just let us know if our client approaches you and your level of interest.


Q: Where are your clients and will I have to travel for assignments?
Black Diamond Networks is structured into two divisions: our Information Technology group which focuses on positions and assignments within the New England area and a National service group which responds to positions across North America for Engineering, Quality, Validation, Regulatory Compliance and ERP-related skills.

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