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    Many staffing companies can deliver resumes to your inbox.  But only a few have the focus, customer commitment and expertise to effectively understand you and your business and consistently deliver relevant, high-performing candidates for your project needs when you need them.  Here is how Black Diamond does it:

•    Efficiency – Black Diamond’s service model and performance metrics achieve a best-in-class combination of speed, quality and cost-efficiency along the full labor-sourcing and delivery chain - from requirements gathering and candidate qualifying to assignment administration.  Working with Black Diamond eliminates the need to mass advertise contract openings, work with multiple vendors, and wade through stacks of resumes in the hopes of finding a suitable candidate.  Black Diamond clients can be confident that our contractors will show up on time, are well-matched to the job and will deliver the desired results.

•   Specialization – we try to be the best within the select staffing category, skill and industry markets we service versus trying to be all things to all customers.  That means a focus on contract staffing within specialized product engineering and IT environments.

•   National Breadth – our talent is mobile.  We move skills and expertise to where it is needed, anywhere in the country.   That means that if you like our service and talent at your east coast manufacturing plant, you’ll like it just as well at your midwest headquarters and your west coast design center.

•   Account Management – every client receives the attention of a dedicated account management professional.  That is how we learn and adapt to the needs of your business and in time contribute value to your business beyond simply filling openings.  We become a trusted staffing solutions partner.

•   Recruiting Focus – our recruiting operation is organized into technical specialties (see Skill Disciplines below) that promote a deeper understanding of the labor market, industry, and technical environments in which we operate.  This experience maturity translates to better depth of technical understanding, higher quality candidate reach, and more competent candidate screening.  As a result, we are able to more consistently deliver a better matched candidate to our clients and retain that candidate throughout the duration of the assignment.

•   Customer Care – our relational business approach is centered on our customer service philosophy.  In addition to assigning a dedicated account manager to each customer account we also fully support account administrative and workforce management by assigning a customer service associate and an on-boarding specialist to oversee administrative and compliance requirements for each client and to ensure that Black Diamond contractors are properly communicated with and cared for throughout their assignment.  This reduces issues that affect performance and improves outcomes.

•   Service Teams – for large project and program-based contract staffing opportunities, we will create service teams drawn from across our corporate talent pool that are specifically matched to the service level requirements and lifespan of the project or program.

•   Skill Disciplines – we offer recruiting coverage in the following Technical Skill categories:

Black Diamond Networks can help find the right person in these areas:

Engineering Services
Information Technology Services
FDA Regulated Industry Services    
River Group Technologies  - Permanent Technical Staffing


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